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Real gross cost of a nanny in London

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anniemac Fri 29-May-09 13:08:52

Message withdrawn

HarrietTheSpy Fri 29-May-09 13:17:57

If you're talking full time fifty hours I would think you could get someone for £22-25K. Some nannies make even more than this.

Nanny shares will save you money but one thing not to do is type in the net amt she'd receive a week into the nanny tax calcutor on line and split it. When you share the nanny you'd be sharing a tax code too so it will be more than this. Maybe materially. The payroll company can tell you exactly what the cost would be.

anniemac Fri 29-May-09 13:21:11

Message withdrawn

nomoresleep Fri 29-May-09 13:23:14

We paid our nanny 28k gross per year (she left us recently when I went on mat leave again). This was for 4 days per week, 8am till 6.30pm, and babysitting every fortnight.

She started out on 5 days per week but when I started working less and she dropped down to 4 days we decided to keep her pay the same and add on the babysitting and give no pay rise that year. We probably could have got away with paying less had we started out on 4 days per week.

It really annoys me how nanny pay is always talked about in terms of net per hour. It's a total pita calculating the annual gross amount and comparing it to what others are paying.

anniemac Fri 29-May-09 13:29:58

Message withdrawn

Sycamoretreeisvile Fri 29-May-09 13:38:23

Yes, we were paying around £27/28K to our nanny 18 months ago.

My colleagues in North London pay more like £30K.

£22K seems very cheap tbh....

anniemac Fri 29-May-09 14:15:25

Message withdrawn

willowthewispa Fri 29-May-09 14:19:13

When I was last working in London as a nanny (last year) I think I was on the equivalent of about 27.5k full time.

nomoresleep Fri 29-May-09 14:35:02

Anniemac - we are South-East London too. I agree that 22-25k sounds a bit cheap. But I think a lot of families try to dodge some tax by paying partly in cash so perhaps they would be paying around the 22k mark.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 29-May-09 14:47:11

obv depending on what nanny you get, ie one old very exp like me grinwho asks for £10nett

or a younger less exp one

but using this might help to give you a general idea

tax calculater

but if i work 5 days 10hrs a day i earn just over £35k gross

anniemac Fri 29-May-09 15:00:08

Message withdrawn

Laquitar Fri 29-May-09 15:02:13

But if you are looking for nannyshare then you need to look into nannyshare rates. Don't assume it will be the same rate halved in two.

For an experienced nanny in london the rates are about £10 ph for one family, and £12 ph for nannyshare net (sorry).

blondes and willow correct me if i am wrong smile

Laquitar Fri 29-May-09 15:03:21

x post

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 29-May-09 15:05:32

indeed you are right Laquitar smile

nannyshares are generally rate and a half-so if you paid the average of £8nett,then a share would be £12,but would be £6 to each parent

my wage is for a highly experienced and qualifed nanny

sure you can find a cheaper one then me

sorry in nett again, but i have had 18years of nett drummed in to me

sure nick will be able to help with nanny share salarys in gross for both employers - i assume you would spilt the tax code 50/50 with other family

anniemac Fri 29-May-09 15:21:31

Message withdrawn

Sycamoretreeisvile Fri 29-May-09 16:05:30

Annie - we afforded £28K ish as a nanny share, and the rate was just divided equally in two. Our nanny was fab - 9 years in the job, but had been searching for a nice job for 7 months and was glad to find ours.

If you have a newborn, that is a plum job for a nanny. I know it doesn't seem it for us, but for nanny they are doddle. They sleep alot, are super portable and don't answer back grin

DH is a SAHP now, but it worked well for us. My sister had opted for the childminder route, and tbh, her little boy has thrived in that environment. A home from home, the only baby, 2 or 3 other kids to interact with. DRASTICALLY cheaper than a nanny and OFTED regulated.

I think we'll go down that route when DH goes back to work. You just need to find the right personality.

Good luck.

Sycamoretreeisvile Fri 29-May-09 16:06:52

I should also add that everything I'm hearing right now would make it an employers market in terms of hiring a nanny.

There must be so many let go due to redundancies - so you might get someone at a competitive rate - especially someone younger, or an Aussie/NZ here for a couple of years.

HarrietTheSpy Fri 29-May-09 16:13:35

When I came on here a few months ago, there were people who thought I could find someone for £1800 per big caveat I've just realised is that that was for live in.

Sorry! blush You're looking for live out aren't you???

I still think you could do it for £25K. As sycamore said, it's an employers market out there.

anniemac Fri 29-May-09 18:10:53

Message withdrawn

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 29-May-09 18:25:15

dont forget the gross i stated is top whack for a nanny

by making 10nett to 8 nett you would save £20 A DAY SO £100 A WEEK - plus tax and ni

(sorry its nett)

so 35k could come down to £27500 for the everage nanny iyswim about £400 nett a week or £528gross

obv you need to add £54 employers ni on top of that - so just under £600gross a week

using this

i think figures are right - but again nick would know better

nannynick Fri 29-May-09 19:05:02

To get a feel for rates in a particular area, look at what jobs are currently listed at NannyJob.

For example, there is a job in Bromley being advertised at £15,000 per year Gross for 36 hours per week - job advert (Note: have excluded the Saturday working, so it's in line with typical jobs).

Another [[ job (in Lee/Grove Park are) is listed as being £7.50-£8.50 per hour but neglects to say how many hours per week it is. If I assume it is 40 hours per week, then £7.50 net per hour, is 15,600 net per year, which grossing up is about £19,825

So gross salaries of around £8 to £10 gross per hour are what is being advertised in SE London at least Grove Park & Bromley - ok Bromley may be considered Kent, but I feel it's SE London! grin

nannynick Fri 29-May-09 19:12:07

Though you do need to factor in other costs - the nannies salary is just part of the cost... there are things like mileage payments (if nanny is using their own car), cost of outings & activities, the cost of nannies lunch - live-out nannies will typically have at least one meal at your home. Also don't forget about Employers NI, which if paying £20k gross, would be nearly £2,000.

But you do get some benefits having a nanny, such as being able to leave your children in PJ's and let nanny have the fun of getting the little darlings dressed!

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 29-May-09 19:13:32

the bromley job nick works out 8gross/6.47nett - obv well over nmw - but to me it seems very low for near london

nannynick Fri 29-May-09 19:15:00

Yes, that seemed low to me as well - but it may be a sign of the times... maybe they will get someone for that amount. Then again, maybe they won't.

Sycamoretreeisvile Sat 30-May-09 19:10:24

Annie - ours was a split of days rather than shared care every day. So our nanny looked after DD Monday and Tuesday at our house, and on Weds, she went to the other families house and the nanny cared for her their with the other families DD, because at the time they had the larger house...and then because their second DD came along very swiftly so it was just easier for us to get to them.

My mum looked after DD on Thurs and Fridays.

It worked because the mum and I had become friends through NCT and we actually interviewed and found our nanny together.

The other family moved away just as DH was made redundant anyway, so it all came to a natural conclusion. Our nanny still works for the other family. She moved away with them, though does not live in.

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