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NVQ3 - Where do I start????

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VeryCheekyMonkey Fri 22-May-09 20:53:04

Hi, wondering if any of you lovely people can help? smile
I want to start my NVQ 3 in childrens care, learning and developement asap as it has been put off and put off for what seems like forever!blush
Which colleges have you done your courses with ? did you get them funded ? How quick could you start ?
A bit of background - I am a registeed CM, I have done various short courses etc but have found it hard to sort out the nvq because as well and Cminding full time i also teach swimming for 12+ hours a week and up till very recently was working in 2 different bars which took up 3-4 nights a week - yes i am a work-aholic that wanted to have my cake and eat it by also being there for my own children if that makes sense(sorry excuses over!)! any way -I finally got round to applying for funding they sent me the form and a list of colleges - i phoned a load of them up to get info etc and not one of them has got back to me - i have chased a few up but get someone different each time - now i feel overwhelmed as i keep looking up about it on th PC etc and not really getting any further and a bit stupid as i think of all the people who have done this course and are at mo and i dont even know where to start or how to get on one, when i ask NCMA about they just push the Diploma which is not what I want to do - sorry everyone to take up so much of your time but you all seem so helpful blushsad

PixiNanny Fri 22-May-09 21:04:31

I'm doing mine with a local college, after I shifted my bum into gear the start was pretty much immediate, my tutor came to meet me and I started! (It's a study from home course and my tutor sees me once a month or so).

I got full funding though I had to speak to a really obnoxious woman for it. I called up after being told to as they'd never had a nanny doing the course before and they were unsure and the funding woman wanted to speak to me directly. First thing she said was "Now, are you sure this is the course for you?" In a really ptronising voice, I said that yes, it was, so then she said "You know we have plenty of home based childcare courses that we can fund you for as well, which would be much more suited to you as a nanny!" To which I repeated that I had made up my mind and I was considering going into non-homed-based childcare later on in my career and she repeated her question again -_- Annoying cow.

What I later discovered was that this course she offered me would not have made me eligible for any of the overseas positions I am considering at a later date (sunsail, among others) and it would be a hundred or so cheaper for the funding company hmm

Your best bet is to contact your local college, my college were really supportive and I was happy to pay for it myself if I never received the funding! If you get asked if you're positive, just tell a white lie and say you are considering nursery work later on ;)

Littlepurpleprincess Fri 22-May-09 21:05:31

you could try phoning your local authority.

you could also see if the Open Uni offer this course.

keep phoning the colleges on the list and be blunt, say look, why aven't you called back? it's bad practice?!

I am suprised your finding it so hard to get on a course! it's bad isn't it? hmm

good luck. you'll get on it eventually, I think you just need to be a bit pushy.

holdingittogether Fri 22-May-09 21:08:54

I would contact your county council early years dept. They will be able to point you in the right direction. Do you have a child minding development officer? They should know who is offering training and funding in your area.

VeryCheekyMonkey Fri 22-May-09 21:25:17

your right i need to get back on that phone! its just hard to keep chasing up people when your so busy all day and there not around in the evenings! i have finally given up the bar jobs to make time for the course as getting on the course then giving up wasn't working but am still sitting here scratching my head! I have done alot of work for the eyfs etc though and my inspector said that i have covered alot of what i would have to do on nvq so now i just want to get started its so frustrating sad thanks for all your advice smile - oh has any one done it through the National extension college ?

VeryCheekyMonkey Fri 22-May-09 21:40:48

How much would the course have cost you if you had to pay for it ?
And yes isnt it annoying when they are so patronizing of course we know what we want to do. Thats all i kept getting from NCMA 'BUT are you sure you want to nvq and not the diploma'they asked about 3 times! YES YES and BLOODY YES and i did tell them in the end that i wanted to go and work in a nursery eventually ! angry -still didnt get any help or advice must have been a bad day ! hmm

PixiNanny Fri 22-May-09 21:58:15

It would have been £360 I believe?

They know shit about the courses, seriously. All these companies want is to fob people off on the cheaper ones so it doesn't cost them as much!

outnumberedbymales Fri 22-May-09 22:11:42

I am doing my NVQ3 through Bev Amison Consultancy. Mine has been fully funded by early years and it was virtually started straight away. Hope you get sorted.

VeryCheekyMonkey Fri 22-May-09 22:29:42

Thanks Y'all I will start to think more positively about it again XXX grin

underpaidandoverworked Fri 22-May-09 23:40:08

Ask your LA first - NCMA will fund it in certain regions [I did mine alongside DHC - big mistakehmm]. The DHC is only awarded for home-based childcare, whilst the NVQ can be used to move into nursery care, creche care, teaching assistant training - that may be why they are pushing Diploma at moment.

I found NVQ more rewarding and beneficial because it was assessment/observation/evidence based and made me reflect more on what I do.

If you want a bit more info, please CAT me.

It's hard work, but I now have a Level 3 qualification which won't expire smile - and have just quoted it on job application for supply childcare grin

VeryCheekyMonkey Tue 26-May-09 23:27:16

THanks so much underpaid i might just be in touch ! grin
I acnt wait to get stuck in x smile

RosieGirl Wed 27-May-09 23:14:12

I applied through my LA and was advised to use a college 1 hour drive away, as apparently they wouldn't require me to go in very often. When I was sent through my "joining" details, it was for a 5 night (5pm - 8pm over 5 weeks) induction course, to help me "get to know the college". I didn't need to get to know the college and refused to go due to the fact I childmind because there isn't any other local childcare!!

A very helpful lady from the LA contacted me telling me not to worry "we" could look at other ways of doing it. I was rather sceptical, but was contacted by the NVQ consortium who sent me an assesor and I have been doing it all home based through her - SHE IS BRILLIANT - I don't think I would have coped the other way - many of my childminder friends are totally stressed with their colleges, and I am only paying £75 - and even enjoying it smile

VeryCheekyMonkey Thu 25-Jun-09 12:55:38

THanks for all your help and the kick up the back side! After a bit if tooing and froing with calls and paper work I am just about to start my NVQ 3 yipee ! grin Its being funded by my local council i just had to pay £50 deposit and I have an assesor who comes to me when ^I'm available^ which is brilliant the people at the college are really lovely friendly and helpful - Maaybe one of them read this thread !!!! wink

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