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Thanks Diddle - Here's my thread .. advice pls

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ChaCha Wed 04-May-05 15:23:20

I have been teaching for several years in various schools at home and abroad and have an excellent position in the school i'm currently working for/in. I won't be continuing there as hopefully come September i'll be nearing the last trimester of pregnancy and feel like a change. I've just printed off the 'Thinking about Childminding' pack and do believe that this is a career i'd like to pursue. Any information, similar experience, or just general advice/tips would be appreciated.
Thank you all

lunavix Wed 04-May-05 15:26:32

Just thought I'd say hi!

I decided to become a CM after I found out I was pg. Always wanted to work with children but was put off by having to retrain, then found the time needed when I had ds!

It takes months though... I'd advise if you are sure ou want to do it then start the ICP course and application now. It doesn't matter if you are registered earlier than you intend to start, but if you leave it late then it might take a lot longer than you hoped!

ChaCha Wed 04-May-05 15:45:30

Thanks Lunavix, i better make a start then!

lunavix Wed 04-May-05 15:47:11

If you have more questions just ask, there's a ton of us CMs on here and a few really great experienced ones who have all the answers

KatieMac Wed 04-May-05 18:24:57

Why not have a look at some of the threads below in the C/Ming section.

Look especially at those starting Childminders Club: - cos that's usually when childminders are asking other for advise.

My biggest advise would be to remember it's a business and try to act proffessionally (easier said than done)

ChaCha Wed 04-May-05 18:47:25

Thanks Katie, good advice!
I'm used to dealing with parents, have been doing that for years so shouldn't have too many problems on the 'professional front'. Just not sure about which age group would suit best, I've been teaching from Years 7 - 10.

feelingold Wed 04-May-05 19:14:04

ChaCha - if you want to work during the day then it will have to be with pre-schoolers so be prepared to be very busy with them + your own baby. Don't get me wrong, I love being a childminder but under 4's need a lot of attention. Alternativley if you want to work with older children then its before and after schoolers and during holidays.
Personally I find a mixture of both works really well.
Good luck whatever decision about your career you make, and just let us know if there's anything else you need help with.

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