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looking for childminder in Uxbridge

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pergol Wed 13-May-09 10:25:42

Hello fellow mums.

I am going back to work in September and I am looking for an experienced childminder in Uxbridge, UB8.
I will need someone for 2-4 days a week, I don't know yet if I will return full or part time and my son will be 15 months old by that time.

Thanks for your time

My Cousin in law is a Childminder in Harefield - not sure if that;s anywhere near where you need!?

Shoshe Thu 14-May-09 18:04:12

there is a list of CM's running at the moment Here anyone near you?t

pergol Fri 15-May-09 15:36:00

Thank you for your answers.

Harefield village is not that far away but I really would prefer someone within walking distance from Uxbridge Tube station.

I've looked at the list but I cannot find anyone that close. For the time being I keep calling CM from the official council list.

Any other ideas out there?

Thanks for your time

Most CM will be on that list, only very few choose not to be. Have you tried

pergol Sat 16-May-09 20:01:04

I have just sent a message at netmums, thanks, I didn't know about this site.

gina88 Fri 24-May-13 21:35:07


I am a private Nanny fully CRB Checked live in UB9 area first aid trained, car owner brilliant references please message me if you are interested.


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