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Childminders - weaning/diet requirements

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doraexplorer Fri 29-Apr-05 18:59:36


Me again

Working on a trial basis with a 'new' child.

Child is about 8 months and still having breast feeds when possible. Mother insists will not have any other fluid ' won't take it from her' i have managed, however.

Does anyone have any experience or any recipes for vegetarian food (will have fish, dairy products) suitable for this age.

I have done sweet potato and various purees so far as this is what he is used to at home.


ssd Fri 29-Apr-05 19:37:37

Hi Dora, why don't you ask the mum to bring his meals. I don't think that's unreasonable. If you have other kids to look after making a separate meal for a baby and pureeing (?) it up sounds like a lot of faffing around to me!

KatieMac Fri 29-Apr-05 20:30:02

I'm doing 2 6mo at the moment - I often keep some of last night's tea to puree. But my family like nursery food, mince & mash, H/M soup, roast dinner, sausage & mash - so it makes it very easy.

I couldn't do veggie tho' - cheese & potatoe pie, Quiche, h/m soup, ratatoille (sp?), veggie pasta?
Fishermans pie

Children always eat/drink differently than at home (IMO) but at 8 m wouldn'y he be moving on to finger foods? (or am I mixed up? - haven't had 8m for nearly a yr)

doraexplorer Sat 30-Apr-05 18:11:04

soo difficult.

English is not the first language so can be a bit long winded!

Often brings some food but i feel very runny semolina is not a real meal. Obviously give mother full update on what mindee has been eating.

Have concerns that no finger foods are given and things are very pureed apart from mother rolling grated cheese in balls which she puts in mouth.

Am i being unreasonable mine were very early weaning!!! and still love their food.

WideWebWitch Sat 30-Apr-05 19:13:24

Whether you agree or not if the mother doesn't want him to have finger foods I dont' think you can give them. I think this book is great and has a useful stages section. Is avocado ok for this age? If so, it's a good easy one.

JulieF Sat 30-Apr-05 22:26:44

If the baby is breastfed then it is likely he will have been weaned late. Some breastfed babies don't even start solids until they are 6-7 months old and I know a few who were even later.

I would be a little concerned if when he didn;t have access to the breast on demand he wasn't at least having expressed breast milk or other solids though.

Have you tried stuff like vegetables and pasta in cheese sauce, fish pie, ratatouille, lentil and vegetable casserole.

doraexplorer Sun 01-May-05 21:52:36

Thanks everyone.

WWW - i agree, i am a professional but i am not the babies mother in any sense of the word and would always talk it through with the parent and never go against any wishes.

Found by chance a really good book at the car boot sale today mother and babies vegetarian recipes. Can go through some of these with the mother.

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