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So Tanzie ........

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mishmash Thu 28-Apr-05 15:17:10

....... your not as bad as some people would have you believe

So how did the "Evil" nanny eventually leave?

Of her own free will.

Glad your new one is so much nicer

uwila Thu 28-Apr-05 15:50:01

Yes she is! All nanny employers are in fact terrible terrible representatives of the devil who exist only to exploit poor need innocent au pairs and require them to do the job of experienced nanny.

Just kidding. I like Tanzie, too.

majorstress Thu 28-Apr-05 16:46:44

Heh! Heh! [grin with forked tail]

mishmash Thu 28-Apr-05 17:39:44

lol Uwila

Tanzie Thu 28-Apr-05 18:13:24

I sacked the bitch!
It cost me thousands.
But at least she has gone, gone, gone now.

Tanzie Thu 28-Apr-05 18:18:35

Is this going to turn into "Evil Nanny Employing Bitch From Hell thread?"

When she told me she was up the duff I had no plans to sack her. But by the end of the pregnancy, when she had lied to me, deceived me and been foul to my girls, I was desperate to see the back of her. For legal reasons I couldn't sack her while she was pregnant. I paid for her to start her maternity leave early (good job as she had the baby about three days after she left - her due date was something else she had lied about), paid for extra maternity leave, 4 weeks annual leave, 4 weeks notice and an extra month's pay to get rid. Also helped her get her papers in order to apply for Belgian nationality, renewed her ID card for 3 months so she could do so. She has now absconded with the ID card and the Min Interior are baying for my blood.

I am nice employer really. Still in contact with two former nannies, one of whom was with us for three years and the other only for three months.

mishmash Thu 28-Apr-05 19:01:23

Not at all Tanzie - I was just acknowledging that you were a nice person

Just wondered how she had left.

Tanzie Thu 28-Apr-05 22:39:52

Did people think I was nasty then?

mishmash Thu 28-Apr-05 23:02:35

Aw Tanz - not at all. Your children are number 1 and if your childcare arrangements aren't as you would like - even if you have gone to great lengths to help your nanny - they and you have to be your top priority.

What I was getting at is that you, I and some other supportive mums who happen to have nanny's get a very unneccesary and unpleasant roasting from others.

mishmash Thu 28-Apr-05 23:05:13

I don't post too often on here but when I do it is usually because I have a problem and you and others have helped me sort out the problem. THANK YOU

Tanzie Thu 28-Apr-05 23:07:37

Yes, Mishmash, I agree with you there. Have had some quite uncalled for baying from both SAHMs and nannies here.

When I first posted about Evil Nanny I got stuff like "how dare you expect her to wash your kitchen floor!". Well if it was covered with fish fingers, I would. That seemed more important to some people than the fact that she was being cruel to my children.

mishmash Thu 28-Apr-05 23:31:58

Sorry Tanz
Having a giggle here imagining your floor covered in fishfingers - you must have really unruly children.

uwila Fri 29-Apr-05 08:28:40

OMG, Tanzie, you let your kids eat fish fingers... and you call yourself a responsible mother?????

UKMickey Fri 29-Apr-05 12:45:12

Not read the thread here but the last couple of messages just below mine "Re washing kitchen floor" Gosh I'm an experienced nanny(well I think so!!) I always wash the kitchen floor especially in the mornings & sweep when needed but definately twice daily before I finish(whether within my hours or not @ end of day...I feel my day is complete when ALL my nursery duties etc are done). Gosh I like the floor to be up to my standard(no offence implied) this way if any of my charges age appropriate need to be place on the floor with/without blanket first.....The I Know the Floor is Clean. Sweeping me a child who @ some stage doesn't deposit food on floor. Also a kitchen is often the main place for most of the fun activities, gluing, painting arts & crafts,messy play, cooking with children & so on...

Thank goodness for the "broom, vacum, mop, washing machine, dishwasher, bath & bed!!! & of course mummies & daddies coming home.

uwila Fri 29-Apr-05 12:50:20

And thank God for nannies like UKMickey. Wish we could all have them.

mishmash Fri 29-Apr-05 18:23:22

mishmash Fri 29-Apr-05 18:23:58

Tanzie Fri 29-Apr-05 21:11:19

Uwila (whispers) - they sometimes have sausages too

Tanzie Fri 29-Apr-05 21:11:58

I agree re UKMickey as well!

uwila Sat 30-Apr-05 10:38:48

oooh, now sausages are good, if you don't buy the cheap crap ones. Actually, I must cofess I'm a big fan of salmon bites, which are basically fish fingers made with a chunk of salmon. DD loves them, and nanny doesn't eat them up because they are breaded and fried.

Tanzie Sat 30-Apr-05 14:43:37

Oooh no, cheap sausages are foul. Salmon bites sound yummy but don't think we can get them here.

ssd Sun 01-May-05 09:48:12

Uwila, what are salmon bites?

uwila Sun 01-May-05 15:58:31

Just pulled them out of the freezer and it appears I got the name wrong. They are called Salmon Mini Crunchies (made by Young's). The description on the bag is "Succulent Salmon fillet bites made fron pieces of Wild Pink Salmon in a delicious Lemon & Herb flavour light breadcrumb" They come in a 250g bag and you can get them at Teco's.

mishmash Sun 01-May-05 19:20:14

Oh Tanzie
I have just spent the afternoon clearing out my playroom. My nanny just lurves putting things into boxes, bags etc... just for the fun of it. No wonder we can't find a blasted thing.

mishmash Sun 01-May-05 19:22:58

but now everything has its place and it better stay that way!!!!!

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