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Imperial Nannies Agency

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Supernanny19 Sun 26-Apr-09 10:56:22

Registered with a few different agencies and all require alot of paperwork to be filled out at the interview when really that should all be done before hand? Over email or at home? At one agency I was there 3 hours!!!!
Im looking to register with Imperial does any nannies have experience with thier interview process?

willowthewispa Sun 26-Apr-09 11:02:42

I'm with Imperial, though not their London branch. I went in with copies of my CV, written refs, certificates etc, filled in the application form, and then had a 15/20 minute interview about what I was looking for. Oh, and they took my photo too.

I think Imperial like to think of themselves as a cut above, the application form is full of questions about whether you ride/ski, will wear a uniform etc. Their Bath office seems to place a lot of Norlanders.

theoriginalmummypoppins Sun 26-Apr-09 11:59:53

I disagree from my experience with them.
They sent me 6 candidates all of whom seemed very down to earth. Not a Norlande amongst them but then I have school aged children so that may have made a difference.

I thought Imperial were brilliant and have passed on all their details to people I know.

Even when I didnt actually employ one of their candidates they were not at all snotty about it.

frannikin Sun 26-Apr-09 13:15:24

I'm with them - they are very thorough. I was there for 1 hour in their London branch for an initial interview but they do find you families that suit you and that you suit. I thoroughly recommend them to any nanny because they're actually there when things go wrong (they got me out a nightmare position in Belgium after 3 weeks) and actually listen to what went wrong and will place you again, unlike some agencies where if it doesn't work out they'll hold it against you. They also don't mind if you don't get a job through them and will keep in touch with you.

Imperial place a LOT of HP/overseas nannies so they do want to know if you ride/ski etc. If you don't it won't count against you but equally they need to know that because of the sort of clients they get. I wouldn't be at all suitable for my current job if I couldn't play the piano, swim, sail, play tennis and ski (well actually I snowboard but same principle) because my charge is into those things and I can't supervise piano practice effectively without knowing what he's doing, let him sail off on his own/not be able to rescue him when drowning and send him down a mountain on his own - I need to be able to do those things with him and Imperial have cottoned onto that. That's not to say you're at a disadvantage if you can't do those things, there are plenty of families who don't need nannies with those skills, but they won't waste time sending you for interviews if they know you don't. Having said all that they are quite picky about the nannies they will register - it's worth calling them first to have a chat with one of the consultants and see whether they will register you before going through their interview process!

Imperial generally do place a lot of Norlanders, personally I think that's the sign of a good agency if the (supposedly) top nannies are going to them.

Agencies should send you forms beforehand - Eden certainly will, I think Imperial did - but most agencies like to go through the form with you.

PaulaMummyKnowsBest Sun 26-Apr-09 14:17:29

does anyone know what their maternity desk is like?

frannikin Sun 26-Apr-09 14:20:10

You mean Maternally Yours? I've heard good and not good things about them but I know they get a lot of superb jobs and my guess would be they're run just as professionally as Imperial itself is so the not good things may just be sour grapes. My cousin rates them and they supplied her with jobs for years.

Supernanny19 Mon 27-Apr-09 11:25:47

any more views?

frannikin Mon 27-Apr-09 13:32:44

What agencies are you registered with currently? What type of work are you looking for/what's your skills profile like? Maybe we can suggest some other agencies too?

*previous career hat being put on*

But in response to the original post my advice stands, call them for a chat and if they like you definitely register with them. They're thorough, they have good jobs and take care of you.

Supernanny19 Mon 27-Apr-09 14:47:56

Live in work
-3 years exp
-first aid
-Health and social care NvQ.
Few other bits and bobs.
Would like to work with 6month - 3 years.

frannikin Mon 27-Apr-09 17:41:45

Any particular location? Central London, overseas, flexible?

Ebb Mon 27-Apr-09 17:46:12

Is all your experience nanny work? They will only register you if you have 2 years nanny experience.

Supernanny19 Mon 27-Apr-09 19:39:43

They said they will register me but what im saying is I cant be bothered to spend agesssss filling out forms that could have easily been done before hand Clearly i dont mind a few forms but at one agency i will not shame I was there for 3 hours 2 hours spent on paperwork when they already had my details!!. Im looking for SW london. And yes 2 years nanny 1 year nursery.

frannikin Mon 27-Apr-09 20:10:20

Imperial will go through the form with you very thoroughly - if that's not something that you want to do then don't bother registering with them. It does depend on your consultant though and the one I interviewed with doesn't work there any more though. One thing I like is they will, after you've filled in the forms, go through jobs on their books with you in detail and get your feedback on them to build up a picture of what you're looking for.

SW London Abbeville and Wimbledon are supposed to be good. I recommend Eden who will send you the forms via the internet. London Nanny Agency will also send you things via e-mail but they never interviewed me face to face owing to slight geographical differences (and Peekaboo but I don't recommend them for other reasons). Nannies Inc are lovely, but also very thorough, likewise Greycoats but they're definitely snobbier than Imperial. I also like St James... Most will send you things via e-mail but a good agency will take the time to go through thing thoroughly with you and make sure than they know you/what you're looking for, preferably by letting you know about current jobs and getting your feedback on them.

Supernanny19 Mon 27-Apr-09 20:49:39

Thanks frannikin.
Peekaboo sounds familiar - a little 3 hours familiar wink

frannikin Mon 27-Apr-09 23:19:27

I would strongly advise not getting a job through Peekaboo. If you're on NJ then IM me for details - I should be relatively identifiable there if you've read a couple of posts of mine on MN....

Dina2 Sat 16-Jul-11 14:42:33

I had a horrible experience with Imperial. They hardly do any checks putting families and nannies at risk. Never again.

fraktious Sat 16-Jul-11 15:03:47

This is a rather old thread...

Personally I wouldn't agree with your assessment - IME they're pretty thorough.

Dina2 Sat 16-Jul-11 15:43:18

Hm! My experience was pretty bad. I would not recommend them to anyone.

Melwing29 Fri 30-Jun-17 15:02:38

Hello mums,
I'm a nanny, personal tutor and private tutor which I have been doing for several years in between university and working towards my medical degree. I thought it might be useful to give some feedback from the point of view of the nanny so you can be aware of what goes on behind the scenes.
First the negatives: Royal nannies are an absolute disgrace. From the point of view of a nanny, despite having interviewed with them and spoken on several occasions, they took me off a job application because the client wanted someone who was native English... I am half French and half Welsh and have lived in London my whole life. I have also been through the British education system in terms of sixth form and university. My agent blamed me and rather than apologise, she decided to threaten me by taking me off her system. Naturally there is no objective system for dealing with complaints either due to the small size of the agency. Following this incident, I did some research of my own, speaking to other nannies and parents, a vast majority of whom informed me that the nannies presented at interview were very rarely anything like they were described by the agent. I currently take care of 6 children and I know exactly how important it is that your child is safe. I would recommend steering clear of this agency.

Imperial nannies was mentioned here also. After 10 years experience as a nanny and tutor and music teacher and the degrees including a medical one, I have not been offered a single interview. I enquired into the matter further and discovered that the agency, being a large one, spends more time recruiting people in order to increase the numbers on their data. This would result in them being seen as a more serious and reliable company. However, there is no authenticity in this. It is of course the agency I am referring to here rather than the nannies. Yet often I have been informed they may send a Spanish nanny rather than a Russian one...

Now for the positives, nanny Tatta are a fabulous agency. They train their nannies well and obtained more information from me during the interview than any other company. They taylor each nanny to the perfect family.

Degree nannies is more new but the agent there is absolutely wonderful. She is patient, kind, resourceful and encouraging. She is also firm but fair. She does not take on just anyone as each nanny needs a sufficient amount of experience to be taken on. She runs her agency in Fulham.

Londongoverness is also an agency I've had a positive experience with. The family were great and the agent communicates effectively (and most importantly) immediately between the potential nanny and family so that everyone is informed fairly.

Those are my comments from a nanny perspective.


NuffSaidSam Fri 30-Jun-17 18:12:47

This is a ZOMBIE thread.

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