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Childminders Club...Re provision of Breakfasts

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kcemum Wed 27-Apr-05 16:09:35

Just wondered what other minders charge for breakfast?

I have a mindee starting before school and I have agreed to provide breakfast, however I forgot to mention that I would charge for this as I don't provide any meals for any of my other mindees (they provide their own meals and I provide snacks and drinks)I have to do this to keep my prices low in a very competitive area.


ssd Wed 27-Apr-05 16:12:06

I don't charge but it's never usually more than a bit of toast or cereal.

I guess it depends what you serve and how much is eaten!

badgerhead Wed 27-Apr-05 17:17:14

I haven't provided a breakfast for several years now, but depending on what is eaten/supplied I would price at about £1 per breakfast

bundle Wed 27-Apr-05 17:19:47

for a few crispies?

KatieMac Wed 27-Apr-05 21:14:20

Well that's for crispie & whole fat milk & juice and washing up liquid, Hot water, fridge electric, waitress service, heat, light counicltax & water rates........
In my opinion cheap at half the price

NannyL Wed 27-Apr-05 22:21:10

Katiemac surely your council tax / rates / insurance etc are included in your hourly fee?

I would still say £1 for a few rice krispies and a cup full of milk and juice is quiet alot! (+ that extra drip of washing up liquid... (dont you wash up your own breakfast anyway, and your 1 min MAX 'preparing' a bowl of cereal should also be included in your hourly fee surely? ;)

KatieMac Thu 28-Apr-05 07:50:49

Well I don't charge for breakfast for the parents....but I do for the tax man (iyswim) and for an under 5 (but over 1) I charge 75p for breakfast, cos if s/he eats a slice of toast - then it might cost less.....but if they only eat 3 youghurts (it has happened) - I also charge more to enable me to offer a choice....

The mindee rate covers the proportion of the fixed costs...but if I was charging for meals separately the fixed costs for the kitchen would need (?) to be paid for

lunavix Thu 28-Apr-05 08:52:23

I'm charging 75p per meal, and £2 if they want all three meals.

I'd definately charge for breakfast, it's the time of day ds is hungriest - he eats half a bowl of dried cheerios, a whole bowl of cheerios milk and banana, and then usually a piece of fruit too!

kcemum Thu 28-Apr-05 09:29:14

Thanks for the replies. I need to charge for meals due to my low hourly rate that I charge so I need to make money somewhere. The child in question has a very healthy appetite so I would not feel comfortable just offering "a few crispies " but will offer cereal, toast and fruit or yoghert. That is what my own children eat and I don't want to offer anyless for the mindees.

bundle Thu 28-Apr-05 10:04:00

katiemac, agreed, you spend extra on crispies, milk & juice and washing up liquid, however, the fridge electric, heat, light counicl tax & water rates would have to be paid whether the child was eating breakfast or not. the hourly rate for childminding "covers" that surely?

KatieMac Thu 28-Apr-05 11:30:23

Yes - but it would reduce my tax bill if I included it.....maybe not as CT & WR are a fixed 10% and electric 33%.....

It's a moot point as I don't charge for meals anyway

Diddle Thu 28-Apr-05 21:10:22

i charge 50p for b'fast, 75p for Lunch, and £1.00 for Tea. I have just started charging, and all the parents have agreed.

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