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Au Pair websites...

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4gotoindia Tue 21-Apr-09 12:27:18

We've joined Au Pair world, but are getting slightly worried by our lack of responses (more about that later...)

I've seen GreatAupair and the UniversalAuPair website mentioned, and wondered if people think it is worth joining more than one? If so, any comments on these (and any others that I don't know about)?

We're a bilingual family and are looking for a Dutch/Flemish speaker, who would be happy to talk to the children in Dutch (but to us in English). We're wondering if this is maybe putting people off? ANy ideas anyone?

PixiNanny Tue 21-Apr-09 12:50:39

Try not to worry too much about lack of resonses, put yourself out there and contact APs as well though!

Also, join as many sites as you can to get a better choice grin

DadInsteadofMum Tue 21-Apr-09 15:31:26

Aupair world is by far the biggest, I have tried Great AuPair and EasyAuPair, easyau pair generated some resposnes and great au pair very few. Whereas au pair world generated 3 or 4 applicants a week plus another half dozen joining in a week who I contacted as I thought they fitted what we were looking for.

My current au pair is Dutch so I can confirm there are Dutch au pairs out there. I would suggest with your quite specific requirements you might have to initiate contact rather than waiting for them to come to you.

Millarkie Tue 21-Apr-09 17:48:14

Best way to increase your response rate on APWorld is to log in several times a day - every time you log in your profile is bumped to the top.
There are more of some nationalities on APW than others eg. loads of German, few French, not so many Dutch so that could be a factor too.
I used the search facility to search for my local town on APW and contacted APs who specifically wanted to come here (rather than wade through the piles of APs who actually wanted to go to London!), rather than the EasyFind (or whatever it's called) which seemed to throw up some random people!

4gotoindia Wed 22-Apr-09 12:30:29

THanks for this input. V helpful - esp to know that logging in regularly helps. We've only been logging in when we get a message...
thanks again!

catepilarr Thu 23-Apr-09 16:58:03

i recently joined, apart from greataupair and aupairworld, findaupair and easyaupair but the first two still being my first choices, with gap being the firs by far.i think they have the best search options and most detailed profiles. aupairworld keeps sending me emails with newly joined families, which i cant stop, and the families dont match my preferences.

decima Mon 01-Jun-09 22:35:39

hi there

looking for a child minder for woman who has recently broken her leg, two small boys under 5. the mum needs a bit of care as well. approx 9am-5pm three days a week. references needs, maturer woman prefered.

if this is you, or you know anyone, please email lulu@lululevay,com

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