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Childminders in South Manchester - anyone know any good ones?

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LalEllison Wed 08-Apr-09 14:55:14


I am starting to look into the idea of getting a childminder for my baby in the Didsbury/Sale/Northenden area and just wondered if anyone knew of any that were good?

Baby is still not born but we will be looking to find someone from January next year, and from what I have been told it can take a while to find the right one.

Does anyone know of any good ones? It would only be on a part time basis and baby will be 6 months old when we need a minder.

Any contacts would be really appreciated.


bekx20 Tue 14-Apr-09 00:59:49

Hi LalEllison,

Im becky, a childminder in the Sale area, near ashton village. I am registered with OFSTED and insured with NCMA and hold a first aid certificate. I have two children of my own and currently look after two.

If you would like to get in contact please send a message on here, or to with your details and i can ring and have a chat about your requirements x

Thanks smilex

leo69 Tue 28-Apr-09 11:13:27

I am N.N.E.B. qualified and worked as a nanny for 9 yrs before having my own children.I have been a registered childminder now for 11 yrs.I also hold levels 1&2 classroom assistant qualifications. Please e-mail me if you are interested,thanks

LJM76 Tue 28-Apr-09 12:11:56

Hi. I am looking for a part-time childminder or nanny-share for my daughter who is one. She is sunny-natured and very sociable and I am looking for fun and loving childcare for her. We live in Sale and are looking for childcare for 2 days a week initially, rising to 3 over the next year or so. If you are a childminder or nanny in the area who may be able to help or if you can recommend someone, please do email me on

Many thanks - Lucy

leo69 Tue 28-Apr-09 13:12:55

Hi Lucy, as I said above I have vacancies,e-mail me if you want to chat. thanks

Hayley1985 Mon 26-Sep-11 19:09:48

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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