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How much to pay an au pair?

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JennyWren Sun 05-Apr-09 00:11:28

We are recruiting our first au pair. We need someone to do before and after school three days a week (4.5 hours max per day), plus a little housework (probably 6 hours per week) and a short shift alternate Saturdays (1.5 hours at breakfast time - she would be free after 9am). Some babysitting - we're saying up to twice a week, but actually it will be much less - we just need to keep our options open on that.

If she likes, she could do her housework during school hours on the days she does before/after school cover, so she could have four full days off every other week, and almost four full days the rest of the time. This means she has full days to go to college and long weekends to travel/see friends. We live in Oxfordshire.

What is the going rate? I was thinking £70/week, but having spoken to a couple of other families it seems as though this is above what they pay. I don't want to cause ructions among other au pairs - that won't win me mummy friends! And I can't afford to pay over the odds. But at the same time, I want to get a good au pair and keep her. Would I be better off to offer, say, £65/week and then give a bonus as and when?

What do other families pay?

merrykerry Sun 06-Nov-11 21:31:09

Hi people ,
Am moving soon .. have always had a live out nanny and been a bit spoilet for the last 6 years with the help of light house duties and never having to worry about my children before and after school.. (although i dont feel bad as was paying 350 a week and when i calculted it they was only working 4 hours a day , i need to change my job lol), I am now looking for a live in au pair and have found your conversations to be very helpful so thanks for that , But i now have the job of were to start looking .. I have seen many agencies with fee's but after reaing some the feed back on here am a bit sceptable .. So could any one please advise were they found there's? .. or if they know any one looking for work(always have had word of mouth nannies before and 1 for 4 years and 1 of two so cant be that bad an employer lol) and i find that word of mouth much better as they are known to some one already ..I would like to ask if any one could recommend an agencie or some one to me would be very much appriciated ..
regards a very stressed mum .. dealing with a house buy, school change, job transfer and childcare all at the same time rofl

merrykerry Sun 06-Nov-11 21:37:21

Sorry jenny , have just realised i have posted this to your thred lol .. Yes i have searched the internet and found £60 a weekto be about right...before and after school runs as after all this is why we need au pairs .. smile
although i hadnt thought about the mobile phone credit or came across my mind the fact they ymight want different meals.. (sortta expected they would eat at same time rofl) ops me bad sad
happy hunting though .. as i have had a total of 4 child cares over the last 8 years .. so am feeling your pain with the issue of child care and some one to trust with our kids ,
Aside with the finacial side of things my biggest piece of advise though is to go with your instinct with any one to stay with your children !!

abimael19801 Wed 19-Dec-12 07:33:33

Hello guys , i am a newbie here, so please be gentle with me i have a one and a four year old and i live in the hertfordshire area, i am looking for a nice and calm and TRUST worthy nanny, (8am shower , dress the kids and get them to school, light house work, vsccum clean kids area and 5.30pm pick kids up from school, shower and feed them and get them ready for bed) we get home about 6 , mon-friday,

abimael19801 Wed 19-Dec-12 07:43:22

pls i really need help, 8am get kids feed and showered and ready for school, drop off to school, light house work, vaccuming and ironing kids clothes, pick up at 5.30 and shower and feed and get ready for bed, we arrive at 6 , pls need advice on who to hire aupairs or nanny all in all i truly need a calm helpful and truly caring individual who will be gentle and great with the kids, ipay abt 100 a week i really do not think i can handle eastern auropeans anymore as had one before and after 5 months said a friend she met in town got her a cleaning job in a hotel so i need someone with a clear concept of a "contract" as most people i know have had these same probs they use aupairing or nannying as a front and leave in the middle of a contract, please id love word of mouthrecommendations or even any advice whatsoever as long as you arent nasty about it please , as i said i am new to this board , i appreciate you advice .many thanks

Halfawife Wed 19-Dec-12 08:24:42

We found both our nanny and our live-in au pair on Gumtree. Some agencies even post their on behalf of families so I chose to cut out the middle man (agency) but it just meant I had to sift through 100+ applications (!). It did give me perspective however of what was out there so I felt more in control.

J20jax Fri 01-Mar-13 09:47:30

I had an brilliant au pair a few years ago who looked after my two children for a couple of years when they were between 2 and 6 years old. This lady is now looking for work in the UK wanting to work for a couple of weeks per month and travel home to Hungary in between, back to her own family - she isn't looking to move to UK. She's been looking for jobs on Gumtree and I wondered if anyone could suggest anywhere else she could look? Also do you think she is likely to find this type of work here? She would also be willing to do care work on a smiliar basis.

Thanks for any help or advice.

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