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Any advice on starting my business?

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mum2oliver Thu 21-Apr-05 20:26:03

Iv just become registered.
Any advice on portfolio or best ways to advertise myself please?

KatieMac Thu 21-Apr-05 20:34:10

Where do we start....are you on the CIS (local Council)
Do you have a business name or are you trading under your own name
Places like PO,Library,Dr's Surgery,HV,Chemist,school noticeboards, cafes, supermarket noticeboards
(some will say no)

Have a folder with your cert/training/crb/car ins/etc in or put your cert on the wall?

Make some flyer/posters(A5/A4), business cards

I come back if I think of anything else

Remember you reputation takes a while to grow and you are unlikely to be full to start with. DH & I've be at it 2 yrs and got full last week.....but it's worth it

mum2oliver Thu 21-Apr-05 20:38:25

oh thank you for that.
I only want one full timer & maybe an after schooler.I understand about reputation though.Have just started going to lots of groups so hopefully thats a good start.
What does CIS stand for and no Im not.How would I do that,Shall I just pop in?

KatieMac Thu 21-Apr-05 20:42:03

When you are registered they send your info to the Childcare Information Service - who write to you and ask to advertise you them - you should have their no from you ICP course (or look online) can't do links but I'll post if I find it

BTW unless your OK for money - you'll take whatever children you can get at first....don't jump in too fast My 2nd child(p/t) is still costing me a fortune

feelingold Fri 22-Apr-05 10:26:50

My portfolio contains all of my certificates, car insurance and mot, public liability ins, a brief summery about me and my family, my policies on child behaviour, learning, illness, charges,activities i do, my emergency plan, my working hours etc. The more information you can put in it the better, my mindees parents said how impressed they were with my portfolio and how some of the Cminders they had been to didn't have one at all. They were happy to read my portfolio while they had a coffee and I played with their child and most of the questions they had were answered just by reading it.

You may also have a vacancy co-ordinator in your area who prospective parents can ring and they give out details of all childminders in the area who have vacancies so it's worth finding out if you have one.
I would say advertise anywhere and everywhere you can. If there are any large companies nearby sent them a leaflet about yourself and ask them to put it on their staffroom noticeboard. Good luck, and as katiemac says don't be too ready to turn people away, you may have to have 2 part-time children instead of 1 full-time, it doesn't always work out how you first planned it to.

mum2oliver Sat 23-Apr-05 22:40:46

Thank you for that FG.I have put together something but it needs work.I just know I will be so nervous when or if I get an interview!
I am prepared for it to be different to what I expect but you cant help imagining it to be a certain way can you.

UKMickey Sun 24-Apr-05 10:37:16

My suggestion would also for you to have your own website: eg. registeredchildminderlocation!! etc & upon your W/site a few article who you are your ethos on childcare...your intended routines...times, snacks, food cooked or not if offered...what they consist of...whether all dietry needs catered for...special needs etc, whether wheelchair, buggy accessible/friendly...whether you go to the local parks or just home based...a photo(poss of you) Just a thought!
All the best

Jo73 Sun 24-Apr-05 14:08:15

I am just about to become registered and have completed my ICP course. I am in full time employment at the moment. Once you become fully registered, do you have to wait weeks before anyone rings you enquiring about vacancies. Just trying to put a timeframe on giving my notice into to my current job! Any help/advice would be appreciated!

Jo73 Sun 24-Apr-05 14:12:44

Sorry am new to this website and have place my discussion/comment on the wrong part!!

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