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Why you love your nanny / childminder (bit sentimental)

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GhostofNatt Thu 21-Apr-05 13:11:25

Just to redress the balance a little in view of the recent nanny / parent strife.
S**: For training DS1 to have proper naps when I nevr could and cooking nicer food than I do and making a beuatiful train cake for his birthday.
A**: For being a big sister to the boys and having a boyfriend who is a LEgo genius.
Ok, maybe thsi is a bit soupy...

zebraX Thu 21-Apr-05 13:15:10

I also have a fabulous childminder. The kids are happy to stay at hers & she is so conscientious.

RTKangaMummy Thu 21-Apr-05 13:25:32

thedame71 Thu 21-Apr-05 13:30:06

My childminder feels like a close friend to me!

She is great because:
She came round at 5 in the morning when I went into Labour with number three.

She is babysitting all 3 children tonight and staying over with 5 week old in spare room with her while I have a NIGHT OUT!!!!!!


Sometime I love her more than my DP!

welshmum Thu 21-Apr-05 13:31:50

I love our childminder - she is a total treasure with a heart of gold. Dd loves her too - we have to say prayers for her every night. Now dd is mostly in nursery we pay a bit extra for them to have one afternoon a week together because we value the relationship so much.
Childminder now has dd's cousin and will have this one (due in June) when the time's right.
It was one of the most important decisions we made as regards her happiness and she is very special to our family.

motherinferior Thu 21-Apr-05 13:40:45

My childminder is the reason why the Inferiorettes have any social skills or graces whatsoever. She had dd1 overnight when I had dd2. She told me when it was time to take DD1 out of nappies, and firmly organised her preschool place for her. She loves them, organises them, is firm with them, and has been a shaping force in making them the happy, confident, imaginative little girls they are.

motherinferior Thu 21-Apr-05 13:41:26

And her network is why my daughters have a circle of friends and admirers.

Marina Thu 21-Apr-05 15:25:09

Found this and happy to bump/contribute, GhostofNatt!
We love our nursery nurses because they are all so jolly and so patient with dd and the rest of the little tinkers in her room. She races into nursery roaring her head off with laughter and she is still laughing when we pick her up.
We do try and communicate to them how much we appreciate what they do. I don't really like working outside the home but our nursery nurses make me feel that at least dd is having a gas
And don't even get me started on the two delightful women who run ds' after-school club. They take such good care of him it almost feels like family. Real stars

Bugsy2 Thu 21-Apr-05 15:28:49

Love my au pair because she is warm, sensible, practical, unobtrusive (when not working) & my children like her. I never worry about my children when they are with her & I feel relaxed about her living in my home.
(Long may it last - I'm touching wood, saluting magpies etc etc!)

wilbur Thu 21-Apr-05 15:30:25

Love my au pair because she loves my children. I know she loves them because her mother sends them presents from Australia! So she must be getting good reports. Also love the fact that she is getting really excited about my growing bump and making me all excited about number three in the process.

Bozza Thu 21-Apr-05 15:31:25

Am a bit worried that my DD loves her nursery nurses too much. She is moving into the toddler room next week and I'm sure its going to be a real wrench for her. OTOH the care DS received in the baby room made it sooooo much easier to leave DD there when I came back to work.

Bozza Thu 21-Apr-05 15:32:43

Sorry that was more negative than it was meant to be. Also really appreciated the care DS received when he had a medical problem - they were great with him (and me).

Marina Thu 21-Apr-05 15:34:41

Bozza we worried about this with dd, who had an exceptionally warm relationship with a nurse in her "mobile babies" room, but she is as happy as a sandpiper in her new room and often pays visits back to the rugrats...

Pamina3 Thu 21-Apr-05 15:43:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mo2 Thu 21-Apr-05 16:03:23

Love my au pair because:

- she really loves my boys and though they are naughty with her, I know they love her too
- she's the only person we have who (other than DH & I) they'll let put them to bed without tears - allowing DH & I 2 precious nights of freedom a week
- if DS1 wakes up with a bad dream, she'll sometimes get up to comfort him (she's in the next door room)

- we can have a laugh about the fact that a 'present' for her was a new broom for the kitchen floor
(it's OK - DH got binbags...)
- she's only ruined ONE top of mine in the two years she's been with us
- all the washing turns up neatly laundered, ironed and folded twice a week, without fail
- I haven't had to clean a toilet for over two years now...

Enid Thu 21-Apr-05 16:07:10

OMG! I love love love my childminder. She can't cook, she loves MacDonalds, is going to vote UKIP and she relies on the telly a lot. But she really, genuinely, loves my kids, plays silly games with them, takes them round to show off to all her friends and is basically like a lovely grandma, especially to dd2 who adores her. ("Janet is my best friend" says dd2 regularly)

And when I got home from work today she had done all my washing and ironing and put it away

Enid Thu 21-Apr-05 16:07:46

and, if it wasn't for her flexibility and support, I'd have to give up my job which I love so much.

Bozza Thu 21-Apr-05 16:09:52

Think I'd lover her too MO2.

Marina I think my main problem is that she is my last baby and she is a baby not a toddler. She can't walk, can't even crawl properly (moves around with one knee and one foot). But they say that she enjoys activities like colouring and sticking (she does at home so I know its true) and would benefit from the next room. So it looks like the problem is mine really.

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