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Is a nanny share an option in Liverpool and how much would it cost?

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neenztwinz Fri 13-Mar-09 18:08:32

I have 10mo twins and am going back to work in July. I think I will be doing two days a week. My hours are 10-6pm and it is an hour's travel each way so a nursery (closing at 6) will be difficult as a childcare option. Childminder might be better (if I can find one) but I wondered if a nanny would be an option. I am in Merseyside.

Would a nanny share be possible? How much would it cost and how would I go about it? What are the implications of a nanny ie tax, NI, holiday pay etc.

What can you expect a nanny to do around the house or will they look after the children only?

nannynick Sat 14-Mar-09 11:30:18

I don't know how popular having a nanny is in Liverpool.

NannyJob currently lists 3 jobs in Merseyside. Perhaps have a chat with NannyPlus - an nanny agency which covers Liverpool, to see what they think your prospects are of finding someone.

Nannies have the same employment rights as other employees... therefore 5.6 weeks holiday, you need to deduct Employees Tax and Employees NI from their GROSS wage. You as the employer also pay Employers NI. See HMRC: Introduction to PAYE

With twins... a nannyshare I don't feel will be that practical - as twins can be quite hard work at times. As you are looking at 2 days childcare... you may find a nanny who is already working 3 days for someone else, thus who can do 2 days for you. That isn't a NannyShare, as the children from both families are not being cared for at the same time... it is two separate employments. In this situation, it is VITAL that you agree a GROSS wage with your nanny, as there can be various tax code changes throughout a tax year, as things get adjusted by the tax office to ensure that the nannies TAX, NI is all paid correctly.

NannyPlus is advertising a 3-day job at the moment details here. Your two days a week job may fit with that... so that nanny agency may well be interested in hearing from you, as they may be able to find a nanny who is prepared to do both jobs.

neenztwinz Sat 14-Mar-09 17:43:20

Thanks Nannynick, I was wrong then about what a nanny share was. I thought it was when you had one for some days and someone else had them for the other days of the week. I will look into it, thanks for the great tips and links here.

rafael Tue 26-May-09 14:36:39

Hi neentwinz., I am a nanny if you are interested I have over ten years experience as a nanny, looking after babies from newborn, twins, triplets and quads also premature babies, if you are interested please contact me via mumsnet, or email.
Kind Regards.

rafael Fri 19-Jun-09 11:28:28

Hi Neentwinz, have you sorted your chilcare out yet, I am still free if you would like to give me a call, I am a nanny I am in Liverpool, but I will travel if you are in the wirral that is not a problem, I will do full or part time if needed, if you would like mor details please contact me via mumsnet or email. or 07856891511

Hope to hear from you,
Kind Regards.

sally84 Fri 10-Jul-09 06:53:31

Message deleted

nannynick Fri 10-Jul-09 07:52:14

Why would you want to use an agency to find a childminder? Local Families Information Centre have to, by law, provide Free information to parents about all forms of registered childcare in the area.

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