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SHOSHE - I need you!

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LilRedWG Thu 12-Mar-09 11:51:40

Sorry - totally off topic, but I remember a couple of years ago you gave someone an idiots guide to potty training and I said at the time, "I'll ask you when DD is ready. ". I can't find the thread anywhere, so can you give me some pointers please?

DD is now 2.10 and doesn't give toss when her nappy is wet or dirty, but she does love sitting on the toilet and is enamoured by the thought of 'big girl pants like Mummy', so I've told her that when we get back from holiday (we're off to Devon next week) that she can start using the toilet/potty and wear her pants.

So, can you please help me with an idiot's guide, ie, Day One: do this every x-minutes.....

TIA m'love.

LilRedWG Thu 12-Mar-09 11:52:36

If she doesn't show any sign of getting it after a few days I'm planning on packing it in for a couple of months - is that right?

Shoshe Thu 12-Mar-09 13:31:49

hello my lovie, hand on while I find it grin

Shoshe Thu 12-Mar-09 13:33:58

Ok here it is:


Day 1 - 3 no clothes, ask if they want the potty, at least every 1/2 hour. Expect lots of accidents.

Day 4-7 Providing child is now making it to the potty, pants on, still reminding, first couple of days will result in wet pants, but by day 7, usually making it to the potty.

Day 7 onwards trousers on as well, still asking often, take potty EVERYWHERE with you.

If this doesn't work, would say the child isn't ready. Have done it with children from 20 months - 4 years, they are ready when they are ready, boys in general are later than girls, but saying that just had a boy dry at 22 months and a girl not till almost 4. !

Good Luck, and hope you are feeling better.

LilRedWG Thu 12-Mar-09 15:25:31

Thanks Shoshe. We'll give it a go,although I'd actually be suprised if she's ready. She loves the idea, but really doesn't seem to know when she needs to go, but we'll see. She may prove me wrong - it has been known. ;)

I'm getting there thanks. Next week is just DD and I getting away for a break and the potty training is a distraction too.

LilRedWG Thu 12-Mar-09 15:26:25

Do I actually sit her on the potty every half hour or just ask if she needs it? Sorry - being dumb again. blush

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 12-Mar-09 15:30:06

Hi Shoshe

How is the move.

Can I barge in? DD was dry except at night and now has regressed badly, she can have anything from 1 to 4 accidents a day, she is pretty good at nursery. Do we just perservere and keep washing? She is 3.3

stealthsquiggle Thu 12-Mar-09 15:33:57

Oh blimey LilRed, you are making me feel guilty now. I really should do something about potty (well, toilet, she has decided to bypass potties) training. My DD asks to go sometimes and always does 'perform' once sat on the loo - but despite repeated conversations doesn't seem to 'get' the idea of telling me before she poos.

I am going to be a chicken and ask nursery if they think she is ready. She wasn't over-bothered when I offered her 'big girl' pants in mothercare the other day - she decided instead to test my 'girls can like tractors' credentials by expressing as least as much interest in Thomas the Tank Engine pants as in the Upsy Daisy ones hmm - I am not sure I could bring myself to send her to nursery in "boys" pants and I don't know/don't want to analyse whyblush.

Glad to hear you are making it from day to day OK.

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 12-Mar-09 15:35:42

I send DD in boys pants blush she hates wearing pink

stealthsquiggle Thu 12-Mar-09 15:38:00

5gomad - DD wears DS's hand-me-downs 90+% of the time. I have no idea why the pants bother me when nothing else does.

Shoshe Thu 12-Mar-09 17:11:23

I actually sit them on the potty in the undressed stage, then progress to asking when I think they have an idea about it.

Five just preserve, sometimes they go back a little especially when they are 'busy' and forget to go, just keep asking her often.

LilRedWG Thu 12-Mar-09 18:23:13

Thanks Shoshe.

SS - I know what you mean about the pants. DD, as you know, is a very girly girl, but I am happy for her to wear anything male except pants. We'll have to get together at Webbs again soon.

stealthsquiggle Fri 13-Mar-09 11:54:45

we must indeed - name a wednesday smile

LilRedWG Mon 30-Mar-09 12:30:14

SS - sorry - will text you with a date soon.

LilRedWG Mon 30-Mar-09 12:32:13

Thirty minutes into potty training and DD went and sat herself on the potty with not prompting and announced that she'd done a wee - and sure enough she had.

Trouble is she is now refusing to go on the potty when the timer goes off as she, "No need wee-wee". hmm An hour in and she thinks she has mastered it. She has also insisted on pants.

We shall see how we go...

Shoshe Mon 30-Mar-09 12:38:09

red i feel your pain, i started with a 5 month old today, she has been asking all week for a wee, so we went and got the potty out, mum put her in a dress so it is holding on to it!

Quite happy to sit on th epotty, just not to go, and must need to as drank a pint of water!

Anyway i have nappied hr to go to bed, will see how she goes this afternoon.

LilRedWG Mon 30-Mar-09 13:18:45

Well DD sat on the toilet and then got off and sobbed and begged for a nappy, so I put her one on. As soon as I did she had a wee in her nappy. hmm Is this normal?

I didn't know whether to persevere or just back down for a few weeks, so went with the latter. I don't want to make it a huge issue. Is that right? She's had such an upset time lately with my parents deaths etc that I don't want to stress her unneccessarily.

PS - Impressive five month old you have there asking for a wee. wink

LilRedWG Mon 30-Mar-09 13:20:23

For what it's worth the tears weren't fake ones either, she was genuinely upset.

I had made such a fuss earlier when she used her potty and told her how proud I was and she weemed pleased, but suddenly had this turn around.

Shoshe Mon 30-Mar-09 13:26:50

Blardy 2 doesn't work all the time!!!

Yep don't let her get upset, mindee did the same held on till nappy was on for bed, will give it another go tomorrow, but if still holds on will leave it a week.
i am luckily that only have her next week and mos of this (going away wed to a funeral in Scotland and Mum is at home so that is why we chose this week o start.)

LilRedWG Mon 30-Mar-09 13:30:11

Thanks Shoshe. I think my plan is this.

- Leave her in disposables this week.
- Put her back in real nappies, to convince her that nappies really aren't comfortable, next week.
- Suggest we try pants again the week after.

Do you think that's worth a try?

Sorry about the need for a funeral. x

Shoshe Mon 30-Mar-09 13:33:01

yep sounds like a good plan.

with my 6 year old we tried 4/5 times before she was ready at 2.10.

7 year old did it in one at 2.0, and a little boy i had did it at 19month!

They are all different and will do it in their own time.

LilRedWG Mon 30-Mar-09 13:34:25

Thank you - you are a star and yet again have stopped me feeling useless. Poor DD has had enough to cope with recently withut this traumatising her.

I'll leave the potty in the lounge so that she's used to it around but not mention it again.

Thank you.

LilRedWG Mon 20-Apr-09 16:54:23

We've had a repeat of the earlier attempt - practically identical. Sigh.

stealthsquiggle Tue 21-Apr-09 09:52:43

Oh bother, LilRed - I thought you and DD had this sussed and were going to talk me down from the ceiling as I try it with DD later this week.

DS is and was in every single way so much more biddable than DD that I am not looking forward to it. She does already ask to go on occasion (to the toilet - we have skipped the potty stage altogether!) and always 'performs', but rarely (except at bathtime) does a poo other than in a nappy.

(I am in fact certifiable, BTW, since we are going to a family party this weekend, so she will be in pull-ups for that, and for long car trips, come what may, but I keep telling myself that there is never a 'good time')

LilRedWG Tue 21-Apr-09 19:38:30

DD prefers the toilet too and we even have one of those integrated toddler things, but above all things she worships the nappy!

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