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part time nannies

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pearlym Thu 05-Mar-09 18:57:21

I am new mumsnetter so might have this wrong place,
may be looking for a 2 day pw nanny soon, anyone know a good nanny who may be looking soon or who would like to do a split, eg 3 days with yuo, 2 with me?
anyone know a good agency? I am based in north west/central london outer suburbs

nannynick Thu 05-Mar-09 19:46:43

Welcome to this section of mumsnet. I feel you need to be more specific regarding your location, the days, hours to get any suggestions of possible people looking for work.
Mumsnet isn't a great place to advertise jobs in my view, due to it not being that popular with nannies yet. So I suggest advertising at, dare I say it, Netmums. Also advertise on
Hope that is of help.

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