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Au Pairs in West Herts - Meet Up?

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PossumMagic Wed 04-Mar-09 16:15:26

I have just signed up my first Au Pair to start with us at the end of May. I ama bit concerned that with language school etc closed over Summer she may be a bit lonely, so was wondering if there are any other MNers in West Herts (we're near Kings Langley) with Au Pair who might enjoy a bit of a meet up?
Maybe they could meet up for coffee or something?
Any other advice/suggestions re keeping my Au Pair happy also much appreciated! smile

Millarkie Wed 04-Mar-09 17:32:15

My au pair met up with others in the area via facebook (or the german equivalent). That might be worth a try.

thinkingabout3 Wed 04-Mar-09 18:06:23

There are thousands of aupairs around Bushey way, don't know how one would find them but there must be some aupair networks or maybe gumtree?

PossumMagic Wed 04-Mar-09 18:10:49

There must be lots out there. Will investigate Facebook and see what I can find.

PaulaMummyKnowsBest Wed 04-Mar-09 18:30:52

you could also put an ad on gumtree

PossumMagic Thu 05-Mar-09 08:45:18

Good idea!

Nel39 Wed 07-Jan-15 22:28:54

Hi please I live in hemel and I am looking for a part time register nanny to look after my 2 kids. Please contact me on 07908082311 for more details thanks

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