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another childminder questions

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MamaMaiasaura Fri 15-Apr-05 00:07:42

ok.. after reading one re c/minders child hitting child i was interested in your views on the following.

My ds goes to c/minder 5 days a week (when with his dad) ds is 5. The c/minder looks after several other children in particular a couple of 10 yo boys and another 5 yo who is my ds best friend. The other 5 yo is only there one day a week.

K.. one of the 10 y o upsets ds regualrly by singing nasty little songs, telling ds that he is goin to kill him and my ds will never see me or his dad again etc .. my ds hates going to c/minder cos of this nasty little.. Anyway I have spoken to c/minder who seemed surprised but listened. This hasnt stopped though and i will be stopping using c/minder fairly soon but.. am i being unreasonable? Overprotective?

goldenoldie Fri 15-Apr-05 05:41:19

No, you are completely correct. If ds is not happy, you are not happy. You need to find an environment with fewer kids where c/minder might actually know what is going on with the kids under her care.

feelingold Fri 15-Apr-05 09:44:55

If your child is unhappy and you have spoken to the childminder about this and the problem has not been resolved then I think that you are correct to remove your ds. I rarely mind older children myself (odd days during school holidays) but when I do I keep a very close eye on them when they are with the younger children. Luckily the kids I mind are all great and get along brilliantly. As I have said before it is just as important that the children like each other as it is that they like me. If I was having a problem with a 10 year old like that and could not resolve it I would speak to their parents because all of the kids in my care must respect each other and if they can't then I would not mind him anymore. Good luck.

gooner Mon 18-Apr-05 06:09:12

Hello Awen,
I hope you dont mind me joining in!!!

I am a registered childminder as well as a mother & i dont think that you are being unreasonable, you have obviously tried to talk to the childminder.I would be very upset, if i knew that one of the children i cared for was picking on another child. I would do my best to stop the bullying before it goes to far, children need to know their boundaries and they need to know how to respect other peoples feelings. I would have spoken to the parent of the boy, to stop the bullying.
Please dont let this situation put you off another childminder, we are not all the same.

I hope that you resolve this soon.

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