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chel86 Fri 27-Feb-09 19:28:18

Hi There,

I am a well known chgildminder in the Bradwell Common area (perfect for those who do not live in the area but work in CMK) with a great reputation.

I currently have a vacancy for a full time child between 1 and 5 years and after school care for aged 5 and above.

There are no hidden charges. My rates are fully inclusive of all meals, nappies if required and small outings (up to £5 entry per outing).

If you would like to contact me to make an enquiry then please feel free on 01908 238396 or 07908 645256.


Michelle Scott

mumnosbest Fri 27-Feb-09 21:56:53

Just wanted to bump your thread and suggest you join my thread for minders with no mindees

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