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Numberfour Wed 25-Feb-09 07:29:47

i think?

mumsanutter Wed 25-Feb-09 07:35:47

Its definately wednesday, not sure if thats a good thing or not - 3 more days of school runs, 3 more days of the older boys out from 8 to 3 depends which way you want to look at it!!!!


HSMM Wed 25-Feb-09 08:21:48

Tempted my 9 year old out of bed with chocolate pancakes and she hasn't even eaten them! (more calories for me)

SammyK Wed 25-Feb-09 09:58:23

Hi everyone, definately Wednesday - it is know as 'Hump Day' in here, the hump in the middle of the week. grin

I have just cleaned down my dining table and chairs, covered in paint, glitter and glue! All sparkly now but probably won't stay that way for long.

Has PinkChick been in here recently? Not seen her around.

Numberfour Wed 25-Feb-09 10:53:04


i am really struggling with toddler today. screaming, smacking, throwing things...............

not me, the toddler.

mumsanutter Wed 25-Feb-09 11:18:23

Are they tired?? Let them have messy play - painting etc Sorry not much help!!

mumlove Wed 25-Feb-09 11:52:47


PP has just pulled out after holding 2 days for 6 weeks sad. Would like the spaces still for end of August but I just cannot go without the money so have to get someone else.

Off to get lunch ready, have a great afternoon.

HSMM Wed 25-Feb-09 13:34:15

Number 4 - water in the garden ... they can throw as much as they like

Shoshe Wed 25-Feb-09 18:16:53

Comes in a starts measuring up for new curtains, ignores all the rest of the CM's [hmmmf]

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