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*** summer holiday nanny ***

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wickedwitchofwestfield Tue 24-Feb-09 20:41:29


I will be starting a lovely new 3 day position in may (hurrah!) with an adorable 2.5 year old boy (double hurrah!)

my new MB is a teacher so I will have holidays free - so I am wondering if any of you lovely lot would like a temp nanny for the 6 weeks holiday grin - or for the half term holidays from may until december!

I am 26 years old and currently studying towards my NVQ3 in children's care, learning and development.

I have 8 years of good varied experience and excellent contactable references.

I am based in west london but am happy to consider anywhere reasonable and I am open to any kind of temp position, be it for one day or a few days over a few weeks - I am also happy to discuss proxy parenting should you want to get away for the weekend.

please take a look on my MN page to get a 'feel' for me and also for details of my website [proud emoticon]

I can be contacted via email -

ps - I have worked for several lovely MNers (SalLikesCoffee, twelveyeargap and Catfeena - who I am still currently working for) who would highly recommend me I am sure!

I look forward to hearing from you! smile

wickedwitchofwestfield Thu 26-Feb-09 23:16:40

bumpity bumpity bump grin

Fibonacci Fri 27-Feb-09 18:55:28

I'm looking for a summer holiday nanny, but I think I'm too far from you, in Wiltshire.

But good luck finding a position, i'm sure there are lots of people like me out there.

wickedwitchofwestfield Wed 01-Apr-09 23:45:15

bumpity bumpity bumpity bump bump grin

RachieB Thu 02-Apr-09 10:06:15

Good news on the new job

good luck

and hope you find a holiday position too

wickedwitchofwestfield Thu 16-Apr-09 00:33:34

bummmmmmmmmmmp smile
and thanks to the lovely ladies who replied wink

wickedwitchofwestfield Wed 29-Apr-09 11:41:30

yup... you guessed it BUMP wink

wickedwitchofwestfield Mon 04-May-09 21:18:22

me again wink

Work2hard Tue 05-May-09 13:32:37

I am one of the mums WWW has worked for (name-changed) and I can endorse her sales pitch! She has been very professional and caring with our 2 young DSs.

LadyOfWaffle Tue 05-May-09 13:35:53

Is Berkshire too far? Either Slough or Bracknell, depending how things pan out in the next few weeks - will email you also once I can get signed in grin

wickedwitchofwestfield Tue 05-May-09 14:44:25

Oh bless you Work2Hard - lovely of you to say so grin
LadyofWaffle - I am open to suggestions wink - would have to be a live in type affair or the like iyswim?
Do email though+we can have a chat smile

wickedwitchofwestfield Thu 04-Jun-09 20:46:53

bumpity bump grin

dates I am available are 16th july - late august but I am hoping to go away to my soon to be mother-in-laws for the last bit of august/beginning of september

... I'm always open to suggestions though of course, if anyone has any ad hoc days/weeks/weekends they need covered for the summer holidays then I'm your gal wink

wwow x

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