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Looking for nanny/childminder in wandsworth/earlsfield

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stardust Wed 13-Apr-05 12:26:50

Any agencies to be recommended or word of mouth tips? i have lots of agency names from "families" and other mags, but the agency fees are so high, but i think inevitable. ITs for 2 children (6mths+2yrs) starting autumn time, after a few months at nursery full time which isnt sustainable money-wise. the figures point to s'one here at home, so looking at all options
Any locals with insider knowledge?!THANKS!

Bugsy2 Wed 13-Apr-05 15:56:09

I'm in Southfields and would recommend you look in the newsagents windows, there is nearly always at least one nanny in there looking for more work. You should get local references that way too. Also, tell absolutely everyone you can think of - someone usually knows somebody.
If you want a childminder, Wandsworth can send you a list of registered childminders and can also let you know those with vacancies I believe.
Also you could look on the gumtree website for SA, Auz & NZ nannies as there are loads of them living locally.
Good luck.

dizzydo Wed 13-Apr-05 16:09:10

Cheeky monkeys, the toy shop opposite the common on Bellvue Road has zillions of ads in their front window.

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