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Babysitter required - Ashbourne, Derbyshire - Sat 28 Feb

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ALWgreenwich Thu 19-Feb-09 23:01:47

Hi - we're a bit desperate - we've got a family reunion next weekend and we're looking for 2 babysitters on the Saturday evening. We'll be just outside Ashbourne, Derbyshire - please let me know asap if you know of anyone round there who might be willing/able?! thanks in advance

lindseyfox Fri 20-Feb-09 16:02:04

I am in leicestershire so would travel that dar but am waiting to hear from some friends about a planned weekend either on 28th feb or 6th march.

I also know a teacher in nottingham who nannies and babysits also and she may be available.

we each charge £12 an hr with a min of £40 on a saturday night.

if you leave your email address here i can then pass it on to her.

lindseyfox Sat 21-Feb-09 15:43:12

I am actually not going to be available as I have visitors now.

I think Liz the teacher I was talking about has sent you a private message/email.

Not sure why you need to 2 sitters, could one babysitter not have all the children. I personally will have upto 6 children.

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 21-Feb-09 17:12:27

think it depends on age of children and how many - i do wedding creches and as i often have 3 young children/babies , i always do them with a friend

if something happened, i wouldnt be able to leave the children, nor take them all to where parents are

hope you find someone

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