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Giving notice

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PDF Thu 19-Feb-09 07:56:32

I have finally had enough of my au pair and her "ways".

How much notice should I give her?

She is away for the whole of next week which I am so looking forward to!

nannyL Thu 19-Feb-09 10:31:23

do havde a contract?

2 weeks maybe? or a month?

Twims Thu 19-Feb-09 10:34:28

Give her 2 weeks as off today - so she has next week - then she comes back for a week - or she may not come back grin

Supernanny19 Thu 19-Feb-09 10:50:02

on aupair world contract it says 8 weeks prehaps you could give 4?

catepilarr Thu 19-Feb-09 15:10:54

aupairworld is german. two weeks is usual in the uk i'd say. i think twims had a good idea.

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