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CMs - what would you most like to receive as a goodbye present from mindee's parents?

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usedtoreadbooks Wed 18-Feb-09 15:52:56

We are moving abroad so have given much-loved CM notice. She has had DD ft for 7 months - DD is now 18m. I am having difficulty thinking of a suitable present for her other than an album with some photos of DD, of whom she is very fond. What would you like to get in these circumstances? Or what woudl you give?

kitbit Wed 18-Feb-09 16:11:26

I like the album idea. Perhaps a handprint painting too, or something personal that your DD has done "herself"? You could frame it.

CarGirl Wed 18-Feb-09 16:20:46

I don't do CMs really want photos etc of their mindees???? They probably have loads for their record books that they've taken themselves?

Any bump for more ideas for you!

I got my CM a mothering bracelet with her dds name on it.

One year I got her 2 cutlery sets from ikea because she'd had her kitchen done and got her first dishwasher!

Numberfour Wed 18-Feb-09 17:09:15

i must agree with the response re photos. i have tons and tons of my mindees. in fact one of the mums has asked me for more photos because they have taken hardly any of their LO themselves.

i like the idea of something to keep to remind her of your LO. As old fashioned as a vase may seem if she is likely to have flowers in her house and seems to be low on vases (like me grin then that might not seem too bad an idea.

usedtoreadbooks Wed 18-Feb-09 17:09:20

thanks for the ideas! I will keep thinking about it too.

thebody Wed 18-Feb-09 18:19:40

wine and chocolates and a thankyou card with a nice message mate....

missymoo2411 Wed 18-Feb-09 18:37:40

my mindee has just finished today her mum got me some roses and a card i gave her a framed poem and a picture of her dd in a frame .

eleanorsmum Wed 18-Feb-09 18:46:57

one of mine finished today ready for my new job and I was given a lovely care bear keyring which i will use for work, a beautiful beaded notebook again which i could use for notes at work and a matching A4 size bag.

very pratcical and well thought of. I'd ditto the photo thing got loads! Something thoughtful rather than flowers etc would be my vote.

nannynick Wed 18-Feb-09 19:25:43

How about a bottle of wine for every week your DD has been there grin plus a nice written reference (ideally with new contact details on so it could be followed up in the future). Keeping in touch for the next few years, sending a digital photo and a short message every 4 to 6 months.

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