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Don't you just love your job???

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nbee84 Mon 16-Feb-09 21:02:49

Am at work as a nanny, half term week - leisurely breakfast, dropped one off for a playdate, been for a walk round the lakes, fed the ducks. Went home and cooked a lovely Thai noodle dish for me and 3 year old for lunch, did some puzzles, played Guess Who and I laughed to myself as I thought "I'm being paid to do this!"

Love my job grin

maretta Mon 16-Feb-09 21:05:25

That's so nice. It's what you'd want to hear your nanny say.

I'm the opposite and the reason there are nannys. I'd so much rather look at a spreadsheet,

onepieceofbrusselssprout Mon 16-Feb-09 21:11:42

My cm occasionally says lovely things like you have just said. She wrote on dd's little daily report that she is a pleasure for "L" (cm). She also tells me little phrases/words dd has says that are funny. She is absolutely lovely (dd and cm!)

tankie Mon 16-Feb-09 21:42:10

I think that sometimes too! I particularly love my job as I don't work Mondays wink but I'm also really looking forward to going in tomorrow and having all three of my charges at home all day (well, hopefully we'll be out most of the day, but you know what I mean).

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 16-Feb-09 21:45:22

agree nbee84

had a lovely leisurely breakie,baby woke when she wanted to,instead of having to be woken up by 7.30 - no mad dash out of house by 8.30 the latest

had a school friend round for no 1, and a friend with her 3 came round for play and lunch

they had a great time in garden, and then did colouring and drawing - younger 3 slept for 2hrs and then we went to the park

we also played guess who at home - i LOVE that game smile

i bathed them as mb was working late,and then we watched tv till db was home

a lovely 1st day of half term

days like this make up for all th days i get soaked at nursery and school pick ups

nbee84 Mon 16-Feb-09 21:56:58

3 yo is getting quite good at Guess Who - needs very little guidance over what questions to ask. Though did have a giggle over "does your person like chocolate?" and "does your person have false teeth?" grin

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 16-Feb-09 21:59:14

ha ha

my 3yr always puts down the wrong ones, but 6yr has got it sussed smile

HSMM Tue 17-Feb-09 07:47:58

In the park all morning yesterday and building dens in the garden all afternoon. A few tears along the way, but generally a lovely day (and Ofsted would approve).

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