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Considering a nanny...

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katiebell Fri 13-Feb-09 15:58:47

I'm going back to work end of March 09 and am considering getting a nanny to look after my 3 year old son. Need advice on pay, jobs a nanny will do, and advice on how to find a nanny. PE28 (near Huntingdon, Cambridgesghire). Please help!!

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 13-Feb-09 16:19:38

thats just over 6weeks away,so you need to get your skates on,most nannies need to give a months notice,some 2months

giving you 2weeks to find,interview and check referneces

as you dont have much time, i would place your own ads on sites such as nannyjob and gumtree and netmums but also register with several agencies (these normally cost 3times nett salary as a fee)

the average nanny will do anything child related, ie their washing/ironing/tidying playrooms/bedroom/chnaged beds/cook etc

most will not do housework - get a cleaner for that

dont know what pay is for that area, but depend on the nanny and their age and experience etc

good luck

Kathyis6incheshigh Fri 13-Feb-09 16:31:29

ring the agencies and talk to them - they'll give you some idea of how much you should expect to pay.

nannynick Fri 13-Feb-09 17:39:49

Live-In Nanny, or Live-Out?

For live-out, I would expect nanny will be wanting £8+ per hour Gross. Make sure you understand about taxation, especially the difference between NET and Gross pay. Many nannies talk NET pay (their take home) where as you as the employer need to be talking Gross Pay (before the employees Tax/NIdeductions). ONLY agree a Gross salary in a contract.

nannynick Fri 13-Feb-09 18:01:06

Some threads that may be useful, re duties:

Nanny Recruitment Advice
Nanny Questions
What duties are reasonable
What is it ok to ask my nanny to do

nannynick Fri 13-Feb-09 18:13:37

In March last year, a fellow mumsnetter was having trouble recruiting a nanny in Cambridgeshire - read about it here. So location wise you may also find it tricky. Thus place as many adverts as you can and contact agencies.

Why are you wanting a nanny specifically? It isn't generally that cost effective with only one child.
If the hours are say 8am-6pm and you don't mind your son being cared for in someone elses home, then there are Childminders in and around Huntingdon with costs varying quite widely - £3 to £5 per hour.

girrafey Fri 13-Feb-09 18:33:39

Hi katiebell. I live in st.neots near huntingdon. i have a 3 year old dd. i use to be a nanny and to be honest there are not many around here. Gumtree,netmums and nannyjob are the main places that they look. where abouts are you and where abouts wil you be working. i can recomend or warn you about some childminders and nursaries.
If you want some help or advice feel free to email me jolly _ holly 22 @ hotmail. com.
(nice to see another local, there are not many of us)

katiebell Sun 15-Feb-09 13:55:23

Thanks all
I really appreciate all your advice.
Isn't mumsnet great!! grin

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