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Nursery Education Grants

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Numberfour Thu 12-Feb-09 06:36:23

I remember reading somewhere that if a child attends more than one setting that is eligible for the NEG then that child's grant is apportioned between the providers according to the hours spent at each setting.

Am i correct? Does this ring any bells with anyone?

I cannot remember where I saw it ....

KatyMac Thu 12-Feb-09 07:43:25

No - as I understand it

Apparently the school setting gets first dibs & if they don't claim it all
The nursery gets second dibs & if they don't claim it all
The childminder can claim some

But each stage can claim it all leaving the others with nothing hmm

Numberfour Thu 12-Feb-09 08:00:44

Thanks, Katy. i am not concerned too much as yet. only just started the accreditation process and OMG more paperwork.....

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