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WANTED NANNY/AUPAIr for Down syndrome girl 9

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chocolateannie Wed 11-Feb-09 05:40:59

Need new help in March when nanny is leaving , tried alot of routes but they all want to work in London not suurey present nanny leaving after 15 months happy to reference. I thought many were out of work but seems a shortage ?
Please contact if intrested
Live in and car

AngelNanny Wed 11-Feb-09 20:40:53

Where abouts in Surrey are you?
What hours would you need a day?
Would you consider live out?

Best Wishes

lindseyfox Thu 12-Feb-09 15:10:28

have you tried snap childcare agency they place nannies with families with children who have additional needs.

also try there was someone on the message boards a while ago looking for nanny job with children with special needs.

good luck with your search

chocolateannie Thu 12-Feb-09 15:15:06

I would look at live out would like 2.30 to 7
and odd overnights...
Can you call me 01372373547

chocolateannie Thu 12-Feb-09 15:16:59

I have tried snap before but they charge over £2,000 to find a nanny and when I tried to use them they came up with very poor qualified people . I have heard though they are good for Nannies

lindseyfox Thu 12-Feb-09 15:23:50

Blimey didnt realise snap charged that much - wow!!!

hope you find someone suitable, may be that you need to find one person to do the days and then another nanny who would be happy to do odd overnights on an ad-hoc basis (i do the latter but am in east midlands so no use to you)

also if you would consider a nanny with own child you may get more applicants - does your daughter like other children maybe someone with a baby/toddler?

spottedandstriped Thu 12-Feb-09 18:43:40

It would be worth trying your local netmums site on the childcare section as well

AngelNanny Thu 12-Feb-09 21:46:45

Chocolateannie - where abouts are you in Surrey?

chocolateannie Fri 13-Feb-09 07:06:06

Hi I am near Leatherhead

I am open to part time nanny

AngelNanny Fri 13-Feb-09 14:30:40

Hi Annie,

Unfortunately Leatherhead is a bit far out for me and i would ideally be looking for morning half days around 3days a week. (3days at earliest start of 7.30pm and latest finish at 2.30pm)

Good Luck with your search

Kind Regards

cheapskatemum Sat 14-Feb-09 23:32:47

On the APs profiles on greataupairs website they say whether or not they would consider working with, for example, lone parent families, elderly people, disabled children.

One of my DSs is disabled and he's formed lovely relationships with all but one of our APs.

KatyKatyKaty Sun 15-Feb-09 19:57:36

Hi Annie,

Would you consider a childminder where little one came to their house instead?

chocolateannie Mon 16-Feb-09 10:33:50

Sorry I cannot as they need picking up from school and different activies
Thanks anyway

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