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Are you my Mrs Doubtfire? Mother's Help needed in SW19.

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HeyThereGeorgieGirl Sat 07-Feb-09 18:47:34

I'm essentially looking for an extra pair of hands to help me with DD1 (7) DD2 (3) and DC 3 (due early July).

Duties would include some light housework, playing with the chldren, cooking some of the children's meals and taking them to activites if need be. Also, when the baby is old enough you will be in sole charge of the children for a couple of hours whilst I either study or go to the gym.

Ideally I'd like someone three days a week from 8am til 6pm probably from mid May.

We're in the middle of big building work done, so having some time to sort out building stuff (on my own!) would be amazing. When the baby's born it'd be great to have an extra pair of hands helping out with all 3 of them.

Thanks xx

WobblyPig Sat 07-Feb-09 20:49:29

Can't help but are you also on the SW19 buns in the oven thread. I am also in Sw19 and thinking of a mother's help when dd is born in May but haven't be organised enought to do anything about it.

JenniPenni Sun 08-Feb-09 15:05:54

I am a childminder in SW19. Best place to look for MH is on netmums I think, have you looked there?

lindseyfox Sun 08-Feb-09 17:17:03

maybe if both wobblypig and heythere are in same area you could share a mothers help maybe easier to get someone to do 3 days for one and 2 days for the other of you than both find a part time mothers help

HeyThereGeorgieGirl Sun 08-Feb-09 18:05:45

JenniPenni - thanks for the info. Will have a look and see what I come up with. Am also going to post an ad on Gumtree too.

Lindseyfox - sounds like you could be onto something there.

Wobblypig - yep, that's me. Maybe we should look for one together? Is that something that you'd consider? Three days for me and two for you? Or 50/50 each? I'll come and find you on SW19 Buns in the Oven.

JenniPenni Sun 08-Feb-09 18:30:32

Gumtree is also a good idea! All the best!

WobblyPig Mon 09-Feb-09 22:23:55

Yep. Would consider it. Bit uncertain as to what exactly I need. Like you also have building work going on - just started a loft conversion!

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