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letting nanny go

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GeneralAngst Fri 06-Feb-09 10:44:11

Our situation has changed sad and we have to let our part-time nanny go, with the usual notice which thankfully is provided for in the contract.

I may be able to give her a bit more than the minimum month notice. If she leaves early, that is ok with us, so I'm not worried about telling her, but might it lead to an even more drawn out "limbo" phase with her losing interest in the job?

Nannies or others with experience, what is the kindest and most sensible way to do this? How to put it? What sort of explanations/comments have you had that didn't make you feel as bad (as if that is possible when losing your job). I have to do it next week.

NAB09 Fri 06-Feb-09 10:49:41

I have only been given notice twice in all my years of nannying and I am not sure either was the best way. I was upset to be given the minimum notice as per the contract as it felt like the parents didn't trust me to stay until they no longer needed me as opposed to looking for another job as soon as they told me.

The only family just told me they were moving and I would get my notice when they knew themselves. Hadn't even realised it was on the cards so was really upset.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 06-Feb-09 11:44:43

sure she wont lose interest in the job

best way is to sit down and tell her when children arent about if possible

say that you are really sorry but as your circumstances have chnaged that you dont need a nanny anymore

mention that you will keep her for her motice period as stated in contracts, ie a month,but also mention that if she hasnt found a job by then, you can keep her on till xxxxxxxx but then xxxxx 6 weeeks etc will be the final day

say you have been very happy with her work (hopefully you have) and that you will give her an excellent refernce and hope that she keeps in touch and pops round or can babysit every now and again

how long has she been with you? if over 2 years you will have to pay her redundancy

Tiramissu Fri 06-Feb-09 13:49:45

Well, if your situation has changed then you will do what you have to do.

Just posting this shows that you are kind and sensible anyway.

If you explain her the reasons you have to do it then it should be fine. She will understand i m sure.

In nannying job market references are very important so if you give her good references (i assume you have been happy with her) then even in the current climate she will find something. And you could always ask your friends and collegues if they need a nanny.

overweightnoverdrawn Fri 06-Feb-09 14:22:11

you say you have to do it next week . May I make a suggestion and say tell her tonight the reason being that she will have the weekend to adjust to the news ,she can ring the agencies tomorrow and use the weekend for job hunting and if she gets upset she will be at home and not in work which makes it harder if you see what I mean . When telling her just tell the truth that you will give her the best reference ever and if the circumstances were different she would still have a job . Hope it goes well I have been a nanny for 26 years and I have a DS of 9yrs so I do know what Im talking about . Best of luck

BabyTalk13 Fri 06-Feb-09 16:23:22

Hi I was due to start a job but couldnt in the end due to the mum being made redundant and childcare no longer needed but the way she told me was fantastic (although over the phone) she had said that she had asked/looked round to see if there were any other positions that may be of interest to me, just to help me out!
Maybe if youve got time you could look on a few of the site (gumtree/netmums/nannyjob/nannyshare/nannynet) and write a few available jobs down so that when you tell her you can give these to her and say youl give references.
I think then shel know you care and that your upset to let her go.
Think everythiong through and know what you want to say before sitting her down to tell her.
Good Luck!

GeneralAngst Mon 09-Feb-09 08:26:27

Thanks to all, that really helps.

MrsSchadenfreude Tue 10-Feb-09 14:24:05

Were you MajorStress? Have you been promoted?

Sorry for your situation sad but I think you have got some pretty good advice here.

GeneralAngst Wed 11-Feb-09 11:56:48

HI MrsSf yes I'm moving up one career ladder at least, as I descend all others. I've been trying to break my MN addiction but fell off the wagon recently-thought a new name would give me a new start, and vowed to be sensible FROM NOW ON. Right. Left.

She didn't seem too upset, in the end. Now I don't feel so bad, I think she actually got a good deal since I didn't really need her since Christmas, there was just a logistical problem because of things changing unexpectedly, and now she gets to take all her paid holiday so doesn't have to get up at the crack of dawn anymore (I could tell that was getting old for her!). It seems there is plenty of work with her old agency, it's just not as nice as our set-up.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 11-Feb-09 13:31:42

glad all went well

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