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if anyone has a minute - have a look at my website if you please!

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wickedwitchofwestfield Wed 04-Feb-09 02:38:12

I've been working on it for 5 hours shock

west london nanny

the main picture is just a temp stock one as I am waiting back on permission from my various ex MB so that I can put pictures on of my ex charges grin

any opinions welcome - I know its pretty basic but that was the look I was going for

TIA xxx

Clement Wed 04-Feb-09 03:24:26

like it. i've never seen a similar thing before. i'd ring you if i needed emergency care - it has gravitas!

wickedwitchofwestfield Wed 04-Feb-09 03:44:41

thank you very much grin

twentypence Wed 04-Feb-09 03:50:02

That's much nicer than my (unrelated) website!

I like the fact that you have listed prices and times. Maybe you need to outline your definition of West London so you are not out of pocket?

wickedwitchofwestfield Wed 04-Feb-09 04:06:11

thanks twentypence - location had totally slipped my mind actually blush

I'm actualy happy to consider any part of london and have tried to reflect this in my prices iyswim?

I shall go and put that on the website now!

twentypence Wed 04-Feb-09 05:53:00

Would you consider going out of London if the price was right - in which case do you want to include a mileage price outside of the area you cover?

Numberfour Wed 04-Feb-09 07:08:10

I have not read the whole site, but I really like what I saw! Looks very smart, professional and the content is accessible.

good for you!

spottedandstriped Wed 04-Feb-09 08:13:44

Would you consider just out of london on the west side? if so, I would put that in there

PaulaMummyKnowsBest Wed 04-Feb-09 09:36:24

the website looks great - well done!

Under "experience" I would put in how many year's experience as well as listing what experience you have.

At the top of my "about me" page on my website, I have:

" I have over 15 years of professional childcare experience, most of which has been as a sole charge nanny. I have worked with newborns and all ages up to teens. "

wickedwitchofwestfield Wed 04-Feb-09 09:48:38

thanks paula - thats a good idea, thanks!

these things that have been mentioned seem so obvious to me now lol blush

spottedandstriped+tewntypence - do you mean the going towards kingston/uxbridge/hayes on the (west) side of things?
I would def consider these areas as they are assessable to me but as I don't drive do you think I should leave it as it is, or mention I'd charge travel costs for somewhere that might be a little bit difficult? where do you think I should draw the line in places I will cover?

oh and thank you numberfour grin

spottedandstriped Wed 04-Feb-09 09:54:48

As you don't drive, if you are happy for example to take a mainline train say 30 mins out of central london or tube (eg Uxbridge) that's where I would draw the line

callalilies Wed 04-Feb-09 09:55:15

Need to be consistent with fonts and things like that. If you are happy not sticking to West London I'd remove reference to West London as others when clicking on the website may immediately click on assuming that you won't cover their area.

I would wait until pages are actually constructed before putting links to them on the website - I think it looks amateurish to have 'under construction'. Just don't put the page up until it's ready.

callalilies Wed 04-Feb-09 09:55:46

may immediately click off assuming you won't cover their area.

wickedwitchofwestfield Wed 04-Feb-09 10:03:48

but the name of the website is west london nanny because that's where I'm based LOL - maybe I should make it really clear on the home page I will 100% consider other areas?

I feel that location isn't as much of a sticking point with temp/emergency positions - I recently helped out twelveyeargap on this board (who is lovely btw+has adorable kiddies grin)+ I was quite happy to travel from west london to muswell hill (1.5hours on a good day!) because a) it was a temporary situation so I knew I wouldn't be doing the 3/4 hour round trip on a permanent basis + b) I really enjoyed the experience

think I agree with you about the under construction bit now I'm looking at at and its not 4am LOL

wickedwitchofwestfield Wed 04-Feb-09 10:18:21

also - font is consistant apart from one of the testimonials, will type that up again later as I will be adding a few more - does it look like it varies from page to page? some is smaller or bigger and bolder etc, but do you think it needs to be more uniform??

spottedandstriped - thats pretty much where I would draw the line too lol. I've changed it so that the home page reflects the fact that I am based in london, but am happy to travel london-wide and am happy to discuss further afield smile

wickedwitchofwestfield Wed 04-Feb-09 10:58:23

ok, I've added a few bits - let me know what you all think!

not sure if my ugly mug is the best thing to advertise my services but obviously a few of my exMBs don't want me to use pictures of their children so stock photo+moi it is!!


Blondeshavemorefun Wed 04-Feb-09 13:29:32

very impressive wwow smile

i have thought ages about doing a website, but cant be arsed and i get enough work from my 2 ads on nannyjob and netmums

i would paragraph your exp, and what type of care you do - my eyes were going a bit strained, when reading it

is the 100 a day going to cover the tax you will have to pay from it - or will you not be declaring all be employed by the parents?

but well done

leeloo1 Wed 04-Feb-09 20:23:42

Cool website - on the first page though shouldn't it be 'further afield' (not further field). Also, why are the paragraphs funny widths (or is that just my computer?) - the 1st one looks very wide and then they're narrow with odd gaps - like the one after shepherds pie.

nannynick Wed 04-Feb-09 21:29:26

On the index page, the text is odd... the first paragraph is a lot bigger than the next, the next one is a little bigger than one below it. You could try copying all the text to Notepad, then deleting all the text on that page, so just leaving the heading. Then paste the text back in - see it that helps. If the online editor you are using lets you modify the CSS code (I'm guessing you are using some kind of creation software provided by the webhost), look at Line Height, Font Size, Font Weight properties.
Keep up the good work... I find it can take many years to get a website looking the way you want it too and then it still goes through changes!

wickedwitchofwestfield Wed 04-Feb-09 21:37:54

that was deliberate LOL

I wanted the first bit to be like an introduction to me and then mention where I work so people know straight away and then the little blurb about myself... I'm thinking maybe that could go on another page hmm

I have been tweaking this since I started in last night... but thanks for your imput and kind words nick! grin

HappyChildminderBerkshire Wed 04-Feb-09 21:46:33

I think that it is a great website and I would def consider contacting you if I lived closer. It is one of the easiest to use websites I've come across, which is always good if a parent is reading it in an emergency hurry!!

nannynick Wed 04-Feb-09 21:48:14

Having the first paragraph in bold is fine. It's more about the odd sizing that happens, strange spacing etc. I think this is likely to be due to your use of a Lucida Sans font. When a browser does not support that font, it picks something else, thus what you think it looks like someone else isn't seeing. List of Web Safe fonts - by picking something more popular, it may work better in various browsers/operating systems.

wickedwitchofwestfield Wed 04-Feb-09 22:22:21

nick - is there no end to your knowledge grin

I don't think it has an option to change the font on the website builder - so do you suggest putting it all into word and converting it to a more popular font?

HappyChildminderBerkshire - thank you so much - that was pretty much what I was going for, I think I need to leave it be for a bit as I'm in danger of over complicating it atm!! wink

nannynick Thu 05-Feb-09 07:32:03

No you can't use Word to change the font. The option is part of the webbuilder software. There may be no way of changing it, though surprised it doesn't have at least a few choices.

wickedwitchofwestfield Thu 05-Feb-09 16:21:03

pah - I will just have to search a little more to see if I am missing something

thanks for the pointers thou, really helpful

blondes - I've been wondering about the money for a while, I am registering as S.E obviously, but I'm not sure if I will cut myself out of the market if I raise my prices a little to reflect the tax and I think £10 looks a lot better than say, £11 or £11.50...
I also think that £10 an hour is pretty reasonable non? where as in this climate anything more would be taking the wee-wee...

oh I don't know! lol

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