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anyone knows a nice baby sitter in Guildford?

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hrjrw Sun 01-Feb-09 10:18:07

Hi there,
jsut wondering if anyone knows a nice baby sitter in Guildford, as we moved in recently and would like to have someone to sometimes baby sit my son (he is almost 2 yrs old).

thanks for contacts.

eleanorsmum Sun 01-Feb-09 10:24:36

I'm quite local (ish!) I live in Bracknell and am a registered childminder (at the moment, abput to start new job as teaching assistant!) and might be able to help you out sometimes. nannynick who is also on here alot lives over your way!

nannynick Sun 01-Feb-09 10:27:57

I'm a nice babysitter (see [[ website for info) who provides evening babysitting in parts of Guildford. Due to the Guildford nightmare traffic, I tend to only do the West side of Guildford - so places like Queen Elizabeth Park, Wood Street Village.

nannynick Sun 01-Feb-09 10:29:33

website - will it work this time?

AngelNanny Sun 01-Feb-09 18:24:11

Hi, I live in Woking and may be able to help you out. I am free most evenings at present.

I am a qualified nanny.

Kind Regards


PaulaMummyKnowsBest Sun 01-Feb-09 20:21:47

nick - I love your calender. Did you do that yourself or did you upload it from somewhere?
{{{{{{{{sorry for the hijack!}}}}}}}}}

nannynick Sun 01-Feb-09 21:32:02

Calendar is done myself using Excel, then printed as PDF. Have tried using Google Spreadsheet to do it... but it doesn't covert to PDF correctly for some reason.

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