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nannies who work only in school holidays - do they exist?

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Fibonacci Wed 28-Jan-09 18:57:40

I am going back to an office job (part time) after 7 years of working from home.

My dc are in primary school and with after-school clubs etc childcare should be easy during term time. However the school holidays are a different matter.

Although I can sort out some childcare from grandparents, holiday courses etc it won't be an option all the time as dc have very long holidays - 4 weeks at xmas and easter and 8 weeks in the summer.

The obvious solution would be a nanny who worked in a school or nursery and wanted to earn extra cash in the holidays, but do such people exist? And how do I find one?

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem.

ramonaquimby Wed 28-Jan-09 19:04:01

Yes - I interviewed for a nanny and this was one of my conditions (I"m a teacher) The one we decided upon was happy with this - she has a young child at school - but not sure about those without kids.

RachieB Wed 28-Jan-09 19:27:04

yes, you should be able to find a "holiday" nanny no problem

advertise on and

good luck

frannikin Wed 28-Jan-09 19:38:01

Students do this too. I second Gumtree and netmums, but definitely worth asking around anyone you know who might know any student nurses/teachers/vaguely child related people home from uni for the holiday.

nannyL Wed 28-Jan-09 19:49:42

a nanny with own child may like this as she gets some qulaity time with her own child too

Millarkie Wed 28-Jan-09 19:57:05

I've employed a teaching student as a holiday nanny - found her via gumtree and she was great.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 28-Jan-09 21:49:02

they do exsist

my friend is one, works nursery am, reception class pm and then after school club 3.30 - 6

and then looks for work in holidays, and she does get a lot, and even has to turn down some famillies as weeks are booked

lindseyfox Thu 29-Jan-09 09:06:51

I am a school nurse and used to work term time only so had to find other work in holidays so I nannied.

I also know some teachers who nanny in the school holidays especially summer hols.

you may find you use one nanny one holiday and another nanny for another holiday as maybenot get the commitment for every school hol.

Maybe a childcare student ot student teacher may be interested also

dibdab78 Thu 29-Jan-09 10:15:09

Fibonacci where are you based? I am a teacher but work as a nanny during school holidays. I am based in the Derby/Nottingham area.

NewTeacher Thu 29-Jan-09 10:29:52

WHat about school clubs?

My DS's school also has long holidays but there is always a club running in the long holidays. I think they are called camps rather than clubs. smile

MrsMopple Thu 29-Jan-09 10:30:13

I was thinking the very same thing recently (have to get a full time job soon and ds starts school in September). Great to know that such people exist and if Fibonacci isn't in the Derby / Notts area, I am and would potentially be looking for a school holidays nanny in 2010, so would be very interested in meeting you in those circumstances dibdab! (sorry for the hijack!)

dibdab78 Thu 29-Jan-09 10:37:30

ok mrs mopple, can you contact me via this site? are we allowed to post email addresses on here? if so pls post yours and I will email you.

Fibonacci Thu 29-Jan-09 10:45:23

Thanks everyone for the really helpful suggestions.

Dibdab78 I am in Swindon area, so no good for you unfortunately -- hope it works out with MrsMopple!

NewTeacher, holiday club fine for some of the time but they don't run for the entire holidays, also I would not really be happy putting dc into one for more than a week per school holiday.

Looks like I will be doing the rounds of the local FE colleges, gumtree and netmums.

MrsMopple Thu 29-Jan-09 12:07:54

Again, sorry for hijack -

Dibdab, here's my email address (without the spaces, obviously!)

m r s m o p p l e @ g m a i l dot com

(not sure whether I actually needed to double space everything or not to stop spam, but have seen it done before on here)

dibdab78 Thu 29-Jan-09 12:20:38

mrs mopple I have emailed you

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