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coolj Mon 26-Jan-09 14:16:46

I cant believe ive just logged on and there is no staffroom.

Has someone run off with all the childminders (hello out there) shock

nannynick Mon 26-Jan-09 14:32:22

Perhaps they are all really busy today grin

I'm not though... been a day of getting things done and pampering myself:

Plumber came over and fitted a new shower (as mine had packed up)
Did the recycling
Got my hair cut
Went to 'Sauna World' - (3 Sauna's and a Steam Room).

mumlove Mon 26-Jan-09 14:36:46


We have been to cm drop-in and getting all glued up making things for chinese new year.
lanterns, ox's, dragons and have been colouring in lots of chinese pictures.

Numberfour Mon 26-Jan-09 14:48:24


Busy busy busy


coolj Mon 26-Jan-09 16:41:57

Hi Nick, I cant believe you are pampering yourself again. Your not long back from Centre Parcs are you?

Hope everyone else has calmed down a bit. I was only working this morning.

We made Chinese New Year crowns. They were fab.

KatyMac Mon 26-Jan-09 16:58:37

Chinese for lunch

Chinese for tea (plus extra for child that had lunch)

Chinese Happy New Year Cards

Lots of Chinese new year posters

But no-one wanted to dress up in the Chinese outfits or use chopsticks sad

I am exhausted

nannynick Mon 26-Jan-09 17:01:58

Center Parcs was 10+ days ago now grin My local council Spa isn't quite the same as Aquasana at Center Parcs alas. But then again it doesn't cost as much either... only £7 on a Monday daytime.

Tabbykat Mon 26-Jan-09 17:46:00

Hmm, want to swop with Nick...

Busy with two little ones and a new mindee today here. Chinese lanterns, food cooked in the wok, and then I made a chinese themed treasure box with stone temple dogs, postcards, photos, a terracotta warrier, chopsticks and a glass globe with the great wall in it - kids loved it! Took lots of photos for Ofsted too.....

Knackered now.

Kung hei fat choi to you all!

coolj Mon 26-Jan-09 18:32:36

TabbyKat, what a wonderful idea. I want one sad. Where did you get your bits from?

Ive only got a fan, dressing up clothes, shoes, bowls, chopsticks etc.

Nick, do you live near Centreparcs then.

coolj Mon 26-Jan-09 18:39:35

Also Nick, what is your job title - are you a nanny or a manny (lol)

nannynick Mon 26-Jan-09 19:02:39

My nearest Center Parcs (Longleat) is about 1.5-2 hours drive away.

Good question... Nanny or Manny? I think I prefer nanny.

Tabbykat Tue 27-Jan-09 07:55:30

Nick, that Center Parcs is lovely - we went there a couple of winters ago -freezing cold cycling round but so pretty. Sadly Longleat was shut for the winter..

Coolj, my parents used to live in China so our house is full of odd knick-knacks I picked up when visiting - never thought they'd come in so handy! No idea what I'll do for the next festival though...!

Sounds like everyone had a great time making fab stuff.

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