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how much does a mothers help do?

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inthenarkynonk Wed 21-Jan-09 19:47:32

My parent deciding fees too much so going to have one instead of reg cm I do 50 hours aweek. Also thinks mh will walk her dogs and clean house all very cheaply. Hahahahahahaha

Supernanny19 Wed 21-Jan-09 19:49:04

A Mother's Help normally has previous childcare experience; she would assist with light housework and cooking, but not normally undertake the heavy duty cleaning.

Playing with and entertaining children.

Undertaking school runs.

She may be required to undertake some babysitting on occasion.

Working alongside the parents, and helping children in their daily routines and assisting in the general smooth running of the house.

Running errands for the family.

A Mother's Help is a very good option for a stay at home mum who does not require a nanny but needs an extra pair of hands. A mothers help normally has previous childcare experience but will not usually be qualified in this area. It is also a good role to take on if you would like to become a nanny as you can gain a lot of experience while working as a mothers help and although some sole charge babysitting is required you will usually be working under the mothers guidance.

A mothers help can be a live in or live out role and usually they would be happy to travel to other properties or join you on family holidays to help with the children.

A mothers help is a good option for older children as they can run errands while the children are at school. They will run errands for all of the family such as food shopping, picking up dry cleaning and walking the dog.

thisisyesterday Wed 21-Jan-09 19:49:52

a mother's help cannot/should not have sole charge of the children.
she is there as a HELP to the mother. the clue is in the title wink

i worked as a MH and I did walk the dog, and do some general cleaning. that is fine, you're there to help the mum out with whatever needs doing imo.
but it isn't just a cheap version of a nanny or something. very bizarre

Supernanny19 Wed 21-Jan-09 19:50:19

The net salary for a Mothers Help ranges from GBP 150-200 net per week depending on whether the position is part time or full time.

inthenarkynonk Wed 21-Jan-09 19:57:18

I have mindee at mo mum due new born soon she will be returning to work after 8 weeks leaving mh in charge of both kids. As I proved to costly! I was intrested to see what they actually did as don`t know too much. If they do all that I think I will get one myselfwink Sounds more like mothers slave.

WEESLEEKITLauriefairycake Wed 21-Jan-09 20:01:03

bit daft to leave a mothers help in charge of 2 children, 1 a newborn while you go to work. Not really a suitable role for a mothers help.

Tavvy Wed 21-Jan-09 20:27:56

Mothers slave can be an exact description
So much depends on the mum you work for. My boss was lovely and I would have done anything for her - others however wanted a Norland nanny for far less than the price you quoted Supernanny 19

I always had sole charge as a mothers help + did everything else too. Mothers helps are meant to work alongside the mum but in my experience that is not necessarily what happens. They are a good option for a SAHM as long as the SAHM is a fair and decent employer.

SoonToBeSix Sun 09-Nov-14 21:59:49

Do agencies provide mothers help?

HSMMaCM Mon 10-Nov-14 08:58:36

Some people have a nanny/mothers help. It sounds like this is what she's after? Won't be cheap though.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 10-Nov-14 09:06:43

This is 5yrs old

Where do posters drag up zomblie posts?

HSMMaCM Mon 10-Nov-14 10:27:52

Thanks blondes grin

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