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Do au-pairs get 'annual leave'?

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redshoes Sun 03-Apr-05 21:06:09

if so, how much?

MrsS99 Sun 03-Apr-05 21:45:37

Most agencies stipulate that they should get one week paid after six months. I have always paid two weeks per 9 months to a year(usually for a week at Easter and Christmas)- but definitely unpaid after that.You also of course have to pay them when you are on holiday if they dont come with you when effectively they aren't doing much work anyway and a couple of times I have had their mothers come to stay with them during that time which works quite well and they usually appreciate.

redshoes Mon 04-Apr-05 09:36:26

Thanks MrsS99. That sounds fair. Mine just asked would she be getting 4 weeks annual leave! I gave a week at xmas and a week at easter, but unpaid.

MrsS99 Mon 04-Apr-05 10:02:52

It's amazing how quickly they get a grasp of the language when it comes to what is in it for them! You could reminder her that au-pairs are not employees, they are staying with you to be included as part of the family in order to learn the language in exchange for rent free board and lodgings and some pocket money.

If you are new to it you might like to buy a copy of Successful Au Pairs by Hill Matthews. I found this a fantastic help in answering lots of questions that cropped up that I wasnt sure how to respond to. Good for drawing up what you want them to do before they come and what you will do for them. I still use it now six au-pairs on!

Ameriscot2005 Mon 04-Apr-05 10:26:45

One paid week after 6 months.

But there's no reason why they couldn't negotiate unpaid leave with you.

redshoes Mon 04-Apr-05 11:17:59

That book sounds useful, must look out for it - this is my first au-pair but I imagine I'll need au pairs for a few years yet. This one is English and a total darling - beginners luck - but v. young for her age.

Ameriscot2005 Mon 04-Apr-05 11:31:16

There is tons of collective au pair experience here at Mumsnet, Redshoes.

Ask if you need any help

redshoes Mon 04-Apr-05 11:57:39

Thanks Ameriscot

MrsS99 Mon 04-Apr-05 13:34:45

That's true Ameriscot. I am only just discovering what a wealth of info this site has, its fantastic (only joined end of last week).

Ameriscot2005 Mon 04-Apr-05 13:38:40

Hope you stick around, MrsS, to share your vast experience.

I'm on my third au pair, and it has been a steep learning curve.

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