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What is a reasonable salary?

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baltimore97 Sun 18-Jan-09 11:52:55

What is a reasonable salary for a Norland nanny for a four day a week live-out job? It is her first job following completion of probabtion. She is asking for £100 a day net, but I believe this to be far too much. She seems willing to negotiate. I was thinking more £90-£100 a day gross.


fraktion Fri 15-Mar-13 14:31:12

I earned around what centrallondonmother is paying (degree educated, fluent French, teaching quals, 3 musical instruments to grade 8, ex county gymnast) 5 years ago working 24/5. As soon as you go over the standard 60 hours the salary shoots up. If you have a degree you can earn more. If you have additional skills you can earn more. This 'elite nanny' thing isn't new and there are always people willing to pay something for the profile which is pretty damn similar to their own if not better in terms of child rearing so they can go out and shop earn megabucks.

Most L3 qualified nannies with under 10 years exp can expect in the 400-600 gross range. Eden and Greycoat just happen to be at the top end of the market, as are their placement fees.

Btw Norlanders now have a degree so one would assume that the salary has been ramped up a bit again.

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