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CM Club: Would anyone volunteer to read my SEF (if I ever finish it tonight)?

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KatyMac Fri 16-Jan-09 18:33:09

I have 6 bits to go

I need it proof read before I send it to my inspector - I thought I had a few weeks before it was due - so I was going to finish my OU work first

Now of course they are both due on the week hmm

Anyone if anyone would I would appreciate it

KatyMac Fri 16-Jan-09 19:06:46

& do I need to complete part C?

KatyMac Fri 16-Jan-09 20:17:10


thebumcleaner Fri 16-Jan-09 20:30:52

Which is section C? I did mine online and just been looking at it and can't see a C.

I approached mine like a TMA from the OU to be honest. SOrt of sold myself, but they are also big on being reflective and identifying what you would like to improve. I got an outstanding for my SEF as well as all the other sections (yes, all 14 of them! couldn't believe it!) and they actually my action points taken from my SEF from areas that I identified that I would like to improve, like the outside area and how and also how often I update my learning journeys and how.

If you need someone to read let me know (and you can always read mine!)

KatyMac Fri 16-Jan-09 20:57:14

Yes please - I have run out of steam

I still have 5 to do

Do I email it to you?

KatyMac Fri 16-Jan-09 21:46:33


thebumcleaner Fri 16-Jan-09 22:01:30

sorry, watching demons. DO you get my email address or something like a pm on here?

thebumcleaner Fri 16-Jan-09 22:04:46

Hi there, I have contacted you through the website email address on your page!

KatyMac Fri 16-Jan-09 22:07:06

demons? any good?

I sent it - thanks for looking

KatyMac Fri 16-Jan-09 22:15:07

Sorry I am off to bed now - I have OU work plus this to finish tomorrow

Thanks for looking at it

thebumcleaner Fri 16-Jan-09 22:28:40

OK, I also have OU stuff for E115 as well!

KatyMac Fri 16-Jan-09 22:35:26

I'm doing B121 but I was ill - it was due in last Thursday & I got a weeks extension

LesbianMummy1 Sat 17-Jan-09 08:13:36

you probably won't recognize my name as have name changed recently but have time tonight if any good

thebumcleaner Sat 17-Jan-09 11:49:32

Hope you are getting on OK

KatyMac Sat 17-Jan-09 12:10:42

I think I have 3 bits of OU & 5 bits of SEF to finish....maybe

Thanks for the offer LesbianMummy1; if I haven't finished & emailed it I would appreciate that

KatyMac Sat 17-Jan-09 16:24:24

LesbianMummy1 - I will take you up on your very kind offer, could you let me have your email?

LesbianMummy1 Sat 17-Jan-09 16:27:51

you can cat me if you want or

KatyMac Sat 17-Jan-09 17:01:44

Have done


LesbianMummy1 Sat 17-Jan-09 17:28:59

hi katy have received it will read properly when kids in bed and send you any comments

KatyMac Sat 17-Jan-09 17:51:41

Thank you - I need all the help I can get

KatyMac Sun 18-Jan-09 10:56:53

How did it go?

LesbianMummy1 Sun 18-Jan-09 13:49:47

hi katy have just emailed you back

KatyMac Sun 18-Jan-09 14:13:21

Thank you so much


alibubbles Sun 18-Jan-09 16:53:07

Hi Katymac, I will, happy to help

KatyMac Sun 18-Jan-09 17:03:02

Thanks - I think you are the final one Alibubbles

Appreciate everyone's help lots

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