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Mindees behaviour

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samjandwich Fri 01-Apr-05 15:54:01

Hi all, i'm just wondering if anybody has been in a similar situation and what you did :
i look after 3 children i have a 8mth, 16mth and 5yr, i also have my son who is 3yrs.

All are really well behaved and a complete pleasure to look after, its the 5yr old i'm having trouble with. I only have him here and there as his mum works shifts, a average of approx 4 hours a week.
Last week was the first time i had him for a full day, there was only him and ds to look after, my dh had the day of work (he had completes his icp etc too but not been inspected) and he assisted me for the day.
mindee was great for first hour or so, we went to a local park, and mindee kept running off from us and would not come when called, when putting him the car he refused to sit in a booster seat and took a good 10mins of persuadtion. I set up a play doh activity, and he was great during that but then got so excited and started being very cheeky, calling us names, literally throwing toys at us, then proceeded to go into play room and pile all the toys into a big heap. (he did tidy with persuadetion). He has been put onto time out for several times but would not stay put and hid under table refused to come out. anyway if i go into detail this will be a very long post. He basically is doing one thing after another, refuses to sit and eat, refuses to do what i ask, constently shouts at others both adults and children. Never wants to the activities i have set for the day. and this morning was the last straw, he hit ds twice, then kicked ds nearly slammed the toilet door on ds fingers, so i rung his mum and she picked him up. I'm now thinking of 'sacking him' as i have to think about the others in my care, At the moment i feel a failure, on top of that one of the other parents sends her mum to drop her dd off for me to look after without any warning, Anyway sorry to go on, but its good to get things off your chest.

artyjoe Fri 01-Apr-05 16:11:43

I hate to be brutal and I'm sure given a lot of time and energy there are other solutions, but as you only have him on an ad hoc basis...I'd sack him.

KatieMac Fri 01-Apr-05 16:54:00

I agree with Artyjoe - It's too much disruption for 4 hrs - not worth the effort to sort out.

Sorry to be so cruel

ssd Fri 01-Apr-05 17:15:57

I agree with the others, especially where this child is being horrible to your child, that's something I find really hard to tolerate.

Also what's with the girl who gets her mum to drop off her child without notice? Tell her you need notice as you're going over your quota of kids and that's not allowed. I always think a white lie is useful in that position!

samjandwich Fri 01-Apr-05 18:27:37

Thanks guys i just needed to hear it from somebody else, I will be talking to little boys mum shortly, It hasn't just been a one off day, its been nearly everytime i look after him, his mum is a nurse and has found it very hard to find a childminder that is so flexible,I was a auxiliary nurse upto a year ago and sympathise with her as i found it hard to find childcare, I think that is why i feel so bad about letting mindee go, when hes good he is such a lovelly child but like i said in first post theres the other mindees i have to think about too as he has he shouts at them too even though they are very young. As for the little girls parents, I am going to arrange a meeting so i can have a good talk with them, incase of any confusion.

lljkk Fri 01-Apr-05 19:18:25

Any chance of talking to the 5yo's mum first? Maybe she could get him 2 behave.

samjandwich Fri 01-Apr-05 19:44:31

Thanks lljkk,but i have spoken to his mother a couple of times now, I have tried several things but no luck.

samjandwich Mon 04-Apr-05 13:10:52

Awwwww i do feel awful, i rang mindees mum this morning to discuss things and we ended up terminating contract , she sounded like she was going to cry on the phone and this turn to a little bit of anger in her voice in the end, this was when i said i would give her fees back from days not used,she basically said that her world doesn't revolve around money, i hope that was not aimed at me,As i never had to mention money to her besides negoitating contract, she always came to me to ask what she owed, maybe i could be reading too much into it as i feel guilty for terminating contract.
I forgot to mention in previous posts that i am a relatively new childminder , suppose i better toughen up

On a lighter note got confirmation today and a start date for ds to start nursery school, we are both ever so excited.


donnie Mon 04-Apr-05 13:29:06

sounds like you did the right thing so wouldn't worry. Good news about the nursery!

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