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What kind of registration (CRB?) do you need to work with kids at a private gym/club?

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AtheneNoctua Wed 14-Jan-09 22:26:15

We go to a gym/club. We had a little incident there on Monday. And I want to know if the teacher of the class (DS (3) was in a yoga tots class and nanny was up in the gym) has to be CRB checked. Basically DS wet himslef. And rather than take him to the toilet, change his clothes, or go get nanny, the techer took his trousers off and told him to sit there for the rest of the class (with no trousers or pants on!). She did give him a blanket to wear over his trousers. Anyway, nanny was not impressed and filed a complaint (and rightly so). But, apparently, this happened once before and the teacher sent him to the bathroom with her daughter. Now, aside from leaving my DS pantless (which I am not happy about), I want to know if the teachers daughter is supposed to be CRB checked? And if she is supposed to be, then I am going to ask the club to verify this.

islandofsodor Wed 14-Jan-09 22:33:04

Anyone who is employed or who volunteers to work with children has to be checked for their suitability. If the teacher's daughter is over 16 and is given unsupervised access then she shoudlbe CRB checked.

If she is under 16 I would question her maturity to be able to supervise a child of that age.

AtheneNoctua Wed 14-Jan-09 22:43:33

That's what I thought. Thanks.

tankie Wed 14-Jan-09 22:46:23

Is the teacher the only adult running the class - was it impossible for her to leave the room to change DS/fetch nanny?

KingCanuteIAm Wed 14-Jan-09 22:48:17

I think they would need an enhanced CRB not just a normal one. However, if the person supervising was always in line of sight (ie kept door open or something) of someone who does have the appropriate CRB then it could be seen as ok in an emergency or unexpected situation.

(I am not sure that accidents when dealing with young childrencan really be called unexpected but they could try to claim it..)

KingCanuteIAm Wed 14-Jan-09 22:54:46

BTW, check if they are affiliated with British Gymnastics, if they are then they will have to have a qualified child welfare officer who you can put a complaint to. They will then have to go to the committee or British Gymastics (as appropriate) to have the situation investigated and resolved. For something like this it would probably mean the coach is made aware that it is unacceptable and given guidelines to follow for the future.

AtheneNoctua Wed 14-Jan-09 23:04:49

The bathroom is not in line of site. I will say in the clubs defense they were very apologetic and are apparently sending me a letter to inform me of the incident. The teacher was pretty unprofessional though. Nanny said she just didn't think the whole thing was any big deal. And for that reason I am going to ask some questions about CRB checks and why is she sending my boy off with her daughter? Maybe the daughter is old enough and CRB checked. But I can't get my head round someone who works with children thinking it's okay to leave my boy sitting in the corner with no pants on for half the class! angry

Incidentally, I would like to give credit where it is due and say that my nanny was fab. She did everything I would have wanted her to do. I wuv her. grin

skramblenotdieting Wed 14-Jan-09 23:14:34

I am going to play devils advocate and ask what would you have wanted the teacher to do with him, did he have a change of clothes with him?

He was wrapped up in a blanket until he was collected.

morocco Wed 14-Jan-09 23:16:57

enhanced crb check doesn't mean they have any training in child welfare/child anything at all really so that's probably why she didn't think it was a big deal - no ofsted regulations etc
is it the lack of crb check that is worrying you really though or the rest of it?

islandofsodor Wed 14-Jan-09 23:28:24

Similar situation we had a 4 year old mess himself whilst in a drama class.

However we had two people in the class the teacher and myself. The teacher carried on with the class whilst I accompanied child to the toilet and also called the manager who phoned the parents.

We lent him some clothes but if not the parents would have come and brough him some.

In this situation if the nanny was only up in the gym surely someone could have fetched her.

AtheneNoctua Thu 15-Jan-09 05:37:01

She should have called the nanny down. When you drop the kids off at activities you have to sign them in on a sheet where you also mark where you will be in the club(restaurant, gym, tennis court, etc.) and give them your mobile number. Presumably this is so they can fetch you if there is a problem. They did not attempt to contact nanny.

I am annoyed about the incident. But more so about her attitude and think it is an indication of a bigger problem, so I wonder if they are properly qualified to loook after my DS. This club is not free and I expect a bit more for my 3 year old.

However, a spare change of clothes in the room is a good point. I don't know if he had one but I will suggest to nanny that she drop one off with him whenevver he goes to an activity so the teacher can deal with him in the room.

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