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Re: Looking for a Childminder in North Leeds (Yeadon, Rawdon, Guiseley, Horsforth etc...)

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p2b Wed 14-Jan-09 10:52:11


I am currently researching childcare options for my son who will be 14 months old when I return to work part-time in September. I have several lists of child minders in the area but before I start cold calling I just wondered whether any mumsnetters were also child minders or knew of any in the local area. It would be really good to get some personal recommendations or advice?

Many thanks

PuzzleRocks Wed 14-Jan-09 12:43:25

Bumping for you.

p2b Wed 14-Jan-09 16:00:35


BradfordMum Wed 14-Jan-09 16:59:03

Sorry Im in Bradford x

missymoo2411 Sun 18-Jan-09 17:36:38

have a look on netmums leeds child care there r load off local cm on there as i am but in leeds south ..

p2b Mon 19-Jan-09 14:07:36

Thanks for the heads up about the netmums site. It does indeed have several childminders listed from my local area. Thanks

missymoo2411 Mon 19-Jan-09 19:52:14

your welcome hope u find a good one....

Viddy Thu 30-Jul-09 10:20:37

Hi - I appreciate that this reply is significantly later than the original post - however I wanted to reply as I am a member of Mumsnet and have recently registered with OFSTED as a childminder.

We are based on Harrogate Road in Rawdon. You can view our website here:
or email:

Vicky Kerr
Rawdon Childcare

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