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OK, I'm off...

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annh Tue 06-Jan-09 14:12:00

.... realise this is completely the wrong topic to post in, but it is the one where I seem to spend most time! I have been Mumsnetting for about 5 years and it has been a godsend on all kinds of topics from my very first query about fish oils to today's worries about secondary school applications. However, ds are now 10 and 7 and I guess I don't have such a need for the support network which MN provided in the early years. Also, I no longer work which means I A) spend FAR too much time on here (to the actual detriment of getting on with anything else) and B) don't have very much of relevance to contribute to either Childcare (gave up the nanny) or Employment Issues (gave that up too last year!). Don't want to get drawn into the whole Moldies issue but suspect that several people whose posts I admired for their wit, intelligence and relevance to my situation may have "defected" - of course, other possibility is that their children grew up too!

Cutting down didn't work so it's goodbye - without a flounce! Mumsnet truly has been a lifeline, particularly when we lived abroad and I am grateful to everyone who has ever posted in response to any of my queries. I probably will have to sneak back in a few months to look at Mumsnet Classics however - there are some true beauties in there and I'm only human, after all! But for now, it's so long everybody!

SimpleAsABC Tue 06-Jan-09 15:46:18

bye bye annh.

Lulumama Tue 06-Jan-09 15:48:19

bye smile

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