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I need some advice

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bambino1 Sat 26-Mar-05 09:25:21

I am planning to go back to work soon and I have a seven month old baby. The nurseries in my area are not great so thinking about getting a childminder. What should I look out for in a good one? How do I know she is right?

ljcooper3 Mon 28-Mar-05 17:13:48

Gut instinct is always something you should go on. Make sure the childminder is registered with your local authorities and check out references.

Caligula Mon 28-Mar-05 18:22:09

You should be able to get a list from your local council of registered ones.

I agree that you can't really beat gut instinct, but you could also ask around - do you know any other mothers who can recommend a childminder who is known to them?

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