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CM Club: mum who gave notice wants to come back - new contract as if new child??

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NumberFour Mon 22-Dec-08 15:16:55

One of my mums gave me notice in November to end on the last day I worked in December. Today, first day of my holiday, mum emails me to say after school cub full so can I have her DD back.

Now, if I had a completely new family, I would make sure that I had a new contract with for example, retainer during holidays and not no pay at all as with ex mindee, and ensure mum knows she must sort out cover if i am ill and not call me and abuse me when I cannot have her child...

So, i was all prepared to be without an extra mindee next year. Now I can have her back but I want it to be on stricter terms. If mum does not accept it, no loss to me because I was not expecting her anyway.

Question is: should I just go ahead and set out new terms as if it was a completely new child or should I stick to old? I am very keen to do new - and if mum does not like it, tough!

Or am I being mean????

fairimum Mon 22-Dec-08 15:26:32

I'm not a CM but I would say new contract! As you say you have nothing to loose! Whereas if you go on the old contract you are leaving yourself open to all sorts!

TheOtherMaryPoppinsJingles Mon 22-Dec-08 15:29:52

Are you sure you want them back?? They don't sound too nice tbh - plus you realise they only most likely did this to avoid paying retainer?

Anyway if you decide to go ahead it has to be a new contract, and I'd also still include a month's trial

NumberFour Mon 22-Dec-08 15:34:25

i like the idea of a month's trial, too! the little girl can be a handful. i have had her for 15 months and her being her kind of works, if you know what I mean. it is not much more work. and I only had one run in with the mother when I called in sick, well my DH did because I had collapsed in bed after leaning over the toilet bowl (apologies if TMI!)

Yes, I will taker her back and Yes on new terms.

Thanks for input!

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 22-Dec-08 15:35:30

Never mind any contract old or new. This family don't sound very nice. Don't take the child back. If you take her back you will have let them get away again with not paying you holiday retainer. Say you took on some other responsibilities after she gave you notice.
I wouldn't have the child back.

NumberFour Mon 22-Dec-08 15:44:54

sorry: her being HERE kind of works....
and sorry: TAKE her back!

KatyMac Mon 22-Dec-08 15:45:31

New contract; 6 weeks trial; think about school holidays - do you get a retainer or some thing?

NumberFour Mon 22-Dec-08 15:49:38

about the holiday retainer: when she first came to me, mum said she did not need me in holidays. I was stupid and desparate so agreed that no fee would be payable at all for holidays.

if she comes back, a new condition will be that she pays me 50% retainer for holidays.

Does that make it any better? i have never had problem with being paid on time. she is ALWAYS very punctual. when I had to talk to her about her daughter's behaviour she gave her DD what for and the behaviour improved remarkably - she always tells DD that she must afford me the same respect as her school teachers.

regarding the abuse i got when i was sick: i am very cross about it but it is over and done with. she is a single mum and is constantly stressed about work.

at pick up time she comes in, collects child says good evening and leaves! lovely stuff!

not sure now what to do!

SammyK Mon 22-Dec-08 18:10:06

New contract with retainer fees definately, say you can't afford not to charge them (if afterschool club is full then you may have another family call a week later who are happy to pay a retainer) so if she is not happy to do this don't worry.

missymoo2411 Fri 02-Jan-09 10:55:06

yes i agerr im a cm id say that u have re done all your paper work and contracts id even put your prices up just a little bit just to make it look good and deffently harge somthing for holidays im lucky i have separate kids for the holidays to term time good look and just be careful she might only be wanting ur space till she can get a place in school club ...good luck

thebumcleaner Fri 02-Jan-09 12:11:13

I would say that you should just treat her as a new person. She was happy giving you notice to go somewhere else!

NAB3lovelychildren Fri 02-Jan-09 13:10:55

New year, new contract.

NumberFour Fri 02-Jan-09 15:51:13

I sent her an email reply on 22 Dec setting out new hourly rate (15p increase per hour), when I was available (doing EYPS on Thursdays so cannot have her child then) and a few other bits such as I am not responsible for finding her alternate care on the days when I am ill.

I have not heard from her since. Not even a reply to my email.

No loss seeing that I had it in my mind that I would be having her this year. (at the risk of sounding callous to non CMs - i meant no loss financially. I will miss the child but there were odd times when I would wring my hands in despair!)

Still...... i cannot help but wonder what she has sorted out for next week.

NAB3lovelychildren Fri 02-Jan-09 16:02:43

She may not have checked her emails yet.

What will you do if she does turn up on Monday?

NumberFour Fri 02-Jan-09 16:12:13

i don't have to take her in the morning (child is 8). only have her after school so the poor kid would be waiting for someone to fetch her! i do not have a contract to childmind her anymore.

at the risk of sounding like a total b*tch, the mother follow up with me and not me with her. i sent her my email reply to work and personal address.

would you follow up, NAB3? i don't think I will

NAB3lovelychildren Fri 02-Jan-09 16:13:18

I suppose the only reason I would follow up is to stop any problems if the mother thinks you are picking up the child as she may be upset at being left at school.

NumberFour Fri 02-Jan-09 16:23:10

yes, I can see your point, but I still don't think that I will. i had D&V about 6 weeks ago and the mother screamed and shouted and ranted and raved abuse at me on the phone because she did not have alternate care for her child and she was scared she would lose her job if she had to take time off work (a few days later she took the day off because she had abdominal pains of some sort)

so, i am not too enamoured with the mother and I know the school well - there is no way she would not be looked after. also, the child has told me more than once when there was a possibility that someone else may collect her, that I should go to the office to "get the orange form to say you are fetching me" - she is quite switched on.

i don't think that the mother intends to come back to me

you kind of get a feeling about these things after a while, don't you?

NAB3lovelychildren Fri 02-Jan-09 16:27:53

Yes. I would leave it and say no if she asks if you have a space for her.

NumberFour Fri 02-Jan-09 16:44:46

yes, my sentiments, exactly.

hope you're okay - i've been lurking elsewhere. x

NAB3lovelychildren Fri 02-Jan-09 17:00:40

Not to bad, thank you.

NumberFour Fri 02-Jan-09 17:15:43


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