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weekend staff room

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leonifay Sat 20-Dec-08 09:56:23

goodmorning all. feeling like crap today, got out of hospital to find out parent, that i mentioned oin thursday had tried to drop her son off on friday. the woman just doesnt see to live in the real world! i've e-mailed her a notice of immediate contract termination. i've had enough!

i'm spending the day in bed today to recover and may consider getting up tommorow grin

hope everyone is having a good day and thoes who are sick are better.

nannynick Sat 20-Dec-08 10:19:11

Oh dear, though sounds that terminating the contract is what may be needed to get the message through.

I'm taking my nephew for a walk around a local nature reserve today, then off to meet a family with twins (who had contacted me 3.5 years ago for advise about hiring a nanny - now are looking for evening care... I wonder if they ever did get a nanny). Then I'm cat feeding for a family I used to nanny for, then off to babysit a 2 year old. So usual sort of day for me.

WhileShosheWatchedHerFlocks Sat 20-Dec-08 10:28:32

OMG Leoni, you are well rid, I cant believe she tried to drop hm off.

I must have missed something as well, did you end up in hospital?

aGalChangedHerName Sat 20-Dec-08 10:33:05

Well done for giving notice. With parents like her it's just one thing after another IME.

Finished up last night at 6.45pm. Was in bd for 8.15pm to try and feel ok for my MN meet up tonight. Feel ok atm but i tend to feel more shit as the day goes on sad

leonifay Sat 20-Dec-08 12:44:49

agal i really hope you get better soon

nannynick have fun with your nephew

sorry soshie, i went in to hospital for a planned operation now hopefully me and my dh can have children of our own grin

ToysAreLikeDogs Sat 20-Dec-08 13:01:50

leonifay crossing fingers for you x
aGal hope you have a good meet up
Shoshe packed ?
Nick have a lovely time
I've got to go and do my mUm's cleaning in a bit - she has hurt her back so I don't want her to make it worse

Last batch of cards sent this morning phew

See ya around

WhileShosheWatchedHerFlocks Sat 20-Dec-08 13:20:02

TALD, nope, done none, going to start boxing day.

Have Dad and DGD here for Hannakuh tomorrow, so have been cooking all day.

Then we are going to DS and DDIL for Christmas Day,

Might sort some of the toys on Tuesday, but have a Spa treatment book by one of my mums (in conclusion with DH) for Wednesday. grin

KatyMac Sat 20-Dec-08 14:44:32

I was out shopping & I met one of my Mums

She gave me notice......she was going to tell me on Monday......Merry Christmas

aGalChangedHerName Sat 20-Dec-08 16:26:00

Oh god KM just what you need hey?

I will keep my fingers crossed that loads of work comes your way v v soon!!!

KatyMac Sat 20-Dec-08 16:46:34

Thanks - there are quite a few of us that have lost children just before Christmas

aGalChangedHerName Sat 20-Dec-08 16:49:25

I never feel i can relax in this job. It sucks doesn't it?

My families atm seem happy and last reviews indicated that they were not planning to leave but you can never be sure can you?

Hope you have a good Christmas with your family anyway xx

nannynick Sat 20-Dec-08 18:28:10

Have you played with Mumsnet BETA yet? Mumsnet are playing with site design again.
See here - and there is a thread specially for comments Site Stuff: Testing Testing New Site

Just in-case anyone was bored this evening and wanted to see what the new Mumsnet site may look like.

KatyMac Sat 20-Dec-08 19:32:41

Too knackered Nick

I'm still very tired after being ill, now DH & DD are ill again. I want a healthy household

LOONEYsingingachristmasTUNEy Sun 21-Dec-08 18:05:57

No time to read through as in middle of rushing around doing last min stuff (can't wait to finish and go to bed, hardly slept last night as my baby and baby mindee kept me up most of the night!). Just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY CHRISTMAS if I don't get a chance before Christmas Day. I'm off to my parents tomorrow then it's funeral next day, wake then rush back and start preparing for Christmas as we're now entertaining due to what's happened. Soooo, I probably won't get on again before.

Hope you all have a good one and catch up soon xxx smile

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