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Ofsted Variations for new childminders - do they do them?

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chloemegjess Fri 19-Dec-08 21:45:31

Have just had an email enquiry for a baby who will be 6 months old when he starts in feb. full time which would really, really suit me and I love looking after children of this age. BUT I have a DD who is 1 this month and I am pregnant, due in April. So really I would have 2 under 1's for a while if I were to take him on. I am desperate for mindees and this would so suit me but obviously only if ofsted allow it.

If I were to apply to ofsted for a variation, do you think they would allow it? I am only just registered?

underpaidandoverworked Fri 19-Dec-08 22:35:34

They usually only do variations for under 1s for twins but there's no harm in you asking.It is a real pain applying for a variation - you have to fill in loads of forms, telling them how you will cater for the individual needs of the children without compromising their care etc,etc. Good luck!

chloemegjess Fri 19-Dec-08 22:40:01

Do you know how long it takes? I am guessing if they want to start in Feb then they would need to know ASAP so they knew if to look else where.

I have just replied and asked when her DC birthday is so I know how long it would actually be for.

Thanks for your reply.

underpaidandoverworked Sat 20-Dec-08 10:24:07

RIng Ofsted on Monday - if they are closed over Xmas it may take a bit longer.Or you could email them over the weekend - they usually respond quite quickly. One of my cm friends is in the process of applying for a variation, will try & track her down to find out the ins and outs for you. smile

WhileShosheWatchedHerFlocks Sat 20-Dec-08 10:31:27

have you thought of the practicalities of 3 under 18 months? It is really difficult I have done it a couple of times and never again!

chloemegjess Sat 20-Dec-08 12:51:28

Can you tell me a bit more about why it was so hard? Just out of interest? I did think I would probably need a triple buggy or have the newborn in a sling. My husband is here a lot (he works shifts and helps out of his days off - 4 on, 4 off) so he is a registered assistant so wouldn't always need to drag them all out on the school run etc. I also have a 7 seater, 2 cots, 2 travel cots, playpen, highchairs etc.

Most of my equipment is for under 2's so thought it would work ok?

WhileShosheWatchedHerFlocks Sat 20-Dec-08 13:32:43

Just the shear logistics, of getting a- b, fitting to reversed seats in the car, simple things like trying to feed three babies at once, having the eldest teething so unhappy and needing cuddles, and two needing feeding at the same time, but if your husband will be there alot of the time it could be doable, but just be prepared for the days he is not to be knackering.

nbee84 Sat 20-Dec-08 14:46:27

Would Mum want her 6 month old to settle with you and then have to find alternative childcare while you are on maternity leave? Quite an upheaval for a little one. Or would he have his place still as your husband is also registered?

chloemegjess Sat 20-Dec-08 15:39:59

I am having the 2 weeks minimum maternity leave, so she would have to find alternative care for those 2 weeks.

We can walk most places so if we had a triple buggy the car wouldn't be used too much. But as I say, I have a big 7 seater so car seats are no problem, although I know it will be a struggle to get them all in on my own.

Have explained the situation to the Mum and she still wants to meet me, and for me to apply to Ofsted.

If I apply, and they say no, is that the worst that can happen? Nothing stays on my record or go against future applications?

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