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What do you do with your mindees after school?

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CapricaSix Fri 19-Dec-08 13:40:25

Just curious as dd said of her ex-CM, when we were pontificating about what her new CM will be like, "Or she might sit and watch telly with us like ex-CM did."

(Not judging by the way, that's often what dd & I do grin)

popperdoodles Fri 19-Dec-08 13:52:11

Depends on what the child likes to do or wants to do tbh. My after schoolers are 6 and 9. The 6 year old needs to be constantly occupied. We do drawing, cooking, playdoh, puzzles, craft, reading books together. The 9 year old however occupies himself quite happily and plays with my own ds. They play computer games or they play football or just chill and chat. I have tried to get him engaged in doing and activity with me but he is just not interested so i don't push it. They have had a hard day at school, so if they want to sit and watch a dvd I'm not going to stop them as long as it wasn't all they ever wanted to do.

WhenFRUITYgotstuckupthechimney Fri 19-Dec-08 13:57:25

Well I'm usually sorting out their tea when we get back from the school run so while I do that, I often put on the tv as children are knackered from a day of activities/school.
There is only so much a child can manage in one day so vegging in front of a bit of cbeebies while tea cooking is fine grin

Orangutan Fri 19-Dec-08 14:09:04

When do they do homework?

popperdoodles Fri 19-Dec-08 14:18:20

We have homework time after tea if there is any that needs doing. Try to fit in time to listen to reading too but not always time.

I struggle to get children to do any activities after school, especially reception or yr1 - they're just too knackered and just want to unwind, like the rest of us at the end of a long day. I make sure art/craft things are out, lego, puzzles - if they want to do them brill, if not then cbeebies or nickjr is fine by the parents (but what will Ofsted think???) I often get them to help with making tea or setting the table, they love that.

CapricaSix Fri 19-Dec-08 17:01:00

i agree re tiredness/big day at school, tho with dd it depends really, on what we've been doing that week, how early she's been up or how late she's been awake. Today school finished early & it's day 2 of the two days i don't work (so not an earlier than normal wakening) so she's been really active, we've cooked tea together, she's cooked a pretend tea as well, and is now cutting & making something or other!

But other days she just wants to flop.

The reason i asked is that dd has a new CM starting in jan, and compared to her old CM, she seemed very energetic, i was tired after just a couple of hours sitting talking with her! dd & i were wondering how different she might be from her ex cm, so i was wondering what the "norm" is.

cat64 Fri 19-Dec-08 17:15:46

Message withdrawn

CapricaSix Fri 19-Dec-08 17:51:01

The new CM mentioned homework, i wouldn't expect that either, unless i suppose if i worked full time and had a busy weekend ahead or something, although at dd's age (yr1) i would prob just not bother getting it done!

I can't believe that dd has homework do this this Christmas holiday!

popperdoodles Fri 19-Dec-08 19:09:31

I only agreed to try and do home work because the mother works till very late and the father apparently forgets or doesn't have time. My own dcs have spellings and stuff to do so it's easier to try and get them to all sit down together. Doesn't always happen but i do try.

chloemegjess Fri 19-Dec-08 22:59:45

I Have really struggled with this. I have one mindee after school, reception age 3 days a week, She is very into crafts etc and would be happy to do them with her. BUT By the time we get home from school, she gets changed and has a snack, there isn't much time left. On days we have done other things (and I try at least once a week). It ends up being rushed and not half as enjoyable. I am really looking forward to having a daytime mindee so I can do lots of things. So yes, we do end up watching TV quite a bit, but it is not laziness or anything.

cat64 Sat 20-Dec-08 18:22:17

Message withdrawn

NumberFour Sat 20-Dec-08 20:41:40

i am back by ab out 3.40 and the children generally leave between 5 and 6, but i do struggle to do crafty stuff with them. yes, i agree that they are very tired and often watch tv. i had quite a few children so each had "their" tv day so that there was no squabbles about what to watch! sometimes they would put on a cd and have a "disco" or play outside. despite me having the usual puzzles, blocks, books, etc they are very seldom keen on that.

different children bring different moods to the house. from january i will only have one after school boy. he is NOT into crafts and neither is my 4 year old son so it will be football once it starts staying lighter in the evenings, or Power Rangers or telly.

i had one family who asked me to do reading with the brothers i had but it was impossible because i also had 3 toddlers betw 15 month and 19 months. i don't do homework with them partly because i have never been asked to do that and partly because all the children need my attention at different times and i would not be able to give the homework my proper attention.

i very very seldom sit down with the kids to watch tv because there is always something that needs doing......

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