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Does your local council fund your NVQ childcare course?

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CrushWithEyeliner Thu 18-Dec-08 14:35:23

I have a "friend" who said hers does but I think she may be having me on as ours said they don't do that anymore and haven't done fro ages.....


cmnorthtyne Thu 18-Dec-08 14:40:42

I did my NVQ3 in Children's Care Learning and Developement and it was actually funded by NCMA - if you're a member it might be worth contacting them. Our local authority does it too - ring your Family Information Services to find out.

CrushWithEyeliner Thu 18-Dec-08 14:56:58

thanks cm - sorry what is the NCMA?

Orangutan Thu 18-Dec-08 15:14:49

Our council funds the ICP (Intro to Childcare practice) but not NVQ.

NCMA = National Chilminding Association

FeelingOld Thu 18-Dec-08 16:12:29

I am a childminder and am currently doing CCLD nvq level 3 and i have been funded by train to gain if thats any help.

ActiveC Thu 18-Dec-08 16:56:15

With the implementation of the graduate leader fund, all courses up to level 3 are now being funded by train to gain. Your local early years dept should be able to give you futher guidance.

CrushWithEyeliner Fri 19-Dec-08 08:58:48

thank you all so much x

JenniPenni Fri 19-Dec-08 22:02:25

I am doing the Diploma in Homebased Childcare and this is funded by my borough.

abba1772 Sat 20-Dec-08 21:30:57

i am nearly finished my nvq3 ccld which is funded by my local council and i have just been offered my nvq 3 in playwork

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