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arggghhhh EYFS observations, link to what??????

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SillyMillysMummy Sat 29-Nov-08 20:01:18

I am scraping through as best i can, i really dont understand eyfs stuff, have had no training as of yet. I have some observation forms, and i know i have to make obs etc and then link them to eyfs framework.

My question is, link then to what? is it area of learning and development? help please sad

ruddynorah Sat 29-Nov-08 20:12:03

these useful links down left side.

SillyMillysMummy Sat 29-Nov-08 20:13:55

thank youuuuuuuu

PAPERFREEK Sun 30-Nov-08 14:58:18

Find out where the child is in his/her development when they first start with you.
Observe the child. Look in the EYFS Practice Guidance under whichever area of learning you are observing. Look for the child's age and look under development matters. Under look, listen and note it tells you what you should be looking for. Then look at good practice to see what you could do to bring the child on and then at planning and resourcing to see what you can do for the future.
You can lay it out like this:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
16 - 26 months
Development Matter:
Show a desire to help with dress and hygiene routines

Child led:
When xx heard me ask the children to get ready for the school run, he found his shoe and began to try to put it on. He realized he needed to undo the strap then tried again to put the shoe on managing to put his foot half way into the shoe before I stepped in to assist him.

Parent input

Look, listen and note; The efforts xxx makes to take off and put on his own clothes.

Effective practice: Praise effort such as when he offers his arm to put in a coat sleeve. Forward Plan: Ensure that there is time for xxx to complete a self-chosen task, such as trying to put on his own shoes.

wheresthehamster Sun 30-Nov-08 15:06:56

Alternatively, show them this Government response to a petition about the onerous tasks of the EYFS


Do a search for 'statutory requirement'

Arfa Sun 30-Nov-08 15:55:11

PF: The idea that a childminder, working on their own, should make notes for themselves to remind themselves as to what they need to do next with a child is just, quite frankly, ludicrous. I can appreciate why it would be useful at a nursery because the same people may not always be with the same child. I know all about the idea of key workers, but, in practice, this isn't always going to happen.

And not all politicians think this way of working is the best way forward, as this story from the Daily Telegraph shows.

KatyMac Sun 30-Nov-08 16:22:24

Arfa - at our busiest we had about 18 children in our setting. I knew everything about each of the children.

They were all different and individuals - why would I mix them up - I could keep track of their developments and challenge them appropriately. Despite not being a teacher I feel that the development and progress of the children was my prime concern.

NanaManchester Sun 30-Nov-08 17:33:16

The example from Paperfreek (above)has come from the Evidence File advertised on and is part of a really useful section on recording observation, assessment and planning that only takes minutes to complete and provides all the evidence that you need to show that you are providing a range of provision, understand and deliver on the six areas of L & D, and work with parents and other settings. The File also contains examples of every policy and procedure you need for the Welfare Requirements, including Risk Assessments.

LilG Mon 11-Jul-11 10:29:31

I think the whole EYFS is stupid. I am a teacher and would much prefer my baby to at a childminder who spent their time playing with him and doing 'normal things' with him so he could learn about life in a non tick list paper obsessed way. It is idiotic all this monitoring LET CHILDREN BE CHILDREN and explore for themselves. I do not want my child observed or assessed and have told my childminder I will never be asking to see anything. She has to produce the=is rubbish to keep her job, I feel for her. My son is 1, he does not need to be 'planned' for, he needs a clean bum, food in his tummy, toys and a cuddle, not a curriculum! It makes me so mad!!

Surely as a parent I am entitled to decide what medicine my son can and cannot have, as that idiot Mr Gove's wants all the mummys and daddys to work (the fuss around stricking), he surley does not want me popping out of work ever 4 hours to give ibroprofen to my child incase the woman I trust with my life does him some damage with the child appropved medicine!

Leave parents to parents and make their own decisions about what is best for their children. BUTT OUT NANNY STATE!

LilG Mon 11-Jul-11 10:30:46

Excuse all the mistakes in my last post, trying to type one handed, too quickly and with my little worm-like son on my knee!

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